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5 jobs for the young

5 jobs for the young living in the UK includes help from the UK Government with the StartUp loan scheme established back in 2012. Eligible participants must be between 18 and 24 years old, UK residents and have a viable business plan.

What help is provided by the government?

The government provides access to support that will help develop their business plan that can make it a reality. There will also be access to training along with a share of the £82.5 million in funds set aside for this program. The average loan from the program so far is £2,500. In terms of the loan, there is a payback schedule that can be up to 5 years.

  • Starting up a business in the motor trade industry.
    In 20 years, the motor trade industry in the UK will go under a radical change and the age of fossil fuel powered vehicles will be over. Now is the time to get into this business sector and get established. The UK is going to be all electric vehicles and the youth of today will be the leaders in the industry in 20 years.  If you take this route you will need to look at the various options for under 25 traders insurance.
  • The On-Demand delivery service industry
    Today’s economy is being transformed into on-demand types of services. This sector of the economy is in part being driven by the young people of the UK do to their fast paced lifestyle and the wide use of apps. Right now is the time to get in on the ground floor and climb the ladder of success. The delivering of groceries, food and parcels is in demand and the business opportunities are available.
  • On-demand labor services 
    Not only is there a demand for instance deliveries of all kinds of items, but also services that require labor to assist those who are just too busy to do simple little chores around the home. This includes the pickup and delivery of clothing by a laundry service, walking the dog and even simple repairs a handyman can accomplish. If you have a skill that helps a home run efficiently, you can turn that into a paying business opportunity.
  • Ride-sharing business​
     For those who have a car, van or motorcycle, the ride-sharing industry is open for you to participate. Again with the use of an app, you can be summoned to pick up a paying customer and take them to their destination. The required investment is minimal and the hours are selected by you, the driver.

With these 5 jobs for the young starting small is advisable for most. This allows for a person with just a little capital to get established. In time a business can grow and flourish.  It is also possible to work at these on a part time basis until you get yourself established.

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