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5 jobs you can do part time

5 jobs you can do part-time while living in the UK include those working from home on a computer, at retailers as seasonal workers, in the motor trade industry involving the selling of vehicles, as a delivery driver and working in a restaurant or bar. The right vocation for you would be determined by numerous factors including the time available, what hours you can work, available transportation, experience and skills you might possess.

Working at home on a computer can be in many forms from writing for websites, teaching English online, posting a blog along with being a virtual assistant. Except for being a virtual assistant, the hours you work are decided by you just as long as they meet any given deadline.

  • Benefits include setting your hours and no commuting time.
  • Disadvantages include generally low pay along with the solicitation of work might be difficult at first.

Seasonal worker at retailers is always in demand during the holidays. Store proximity is generally in major shopping centers some with working hours of less than 35 per week that provides consist pay.

  • Benefits include some retailers do provide part-time employees full benefits and the working hours are set in a schedule
  • Disadvantages include they only last for a few months out of the year and there is the commuting time required.

In the motor trade business sector a person would have the freedom to choose what they do and when it occurs just as long as it is in demand. The most common is the selling of vehicles, but can also include the fixing of them. As a part time trader you can earn good money for minimal work if you know the game. However, it does come with financial risk so make sure you have  a take out part time motor trade insurance to cover these risk. 

  • Advantages include setting your hours, the profit potential is high and generally no commuting required.
  • Disadvantage includes usually requires some capital, the vehicle for sale must have a buyer and some of the vehicles from the auction could be a money pit.

The delivery driver could be the easiest to acquire, but for most a vehicle is necessary. The easiest and in most demand is the delivery of food.

  • Benefits include no boss looking over your shoulder, tips included by many customers and the freedom of the open road.
  • Disadvantages include most working hours are during meals times which includes times of heavy traffic, the pay is not the highest and if you have a motorized vehicle, vehicle and courier insurance is required.

Working in a restaurant or bar are more traditional types of part-time work. This requires a person to handle food and drinks along with people.

  • Benefits include working with people with a location close to home that can be in your neighborhood. 
  • Disadvantage includes working with the public, low pay and hours generally only during meal times.

These popular 5 jobs you can do part-time can provide a person with extra income and make use of your skills without hindering your lifestyle or studies. There are a few of the above listed business opportunities that can even be converted to full time if so desired.

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