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Guide To A-Plan Taxi Insurance

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A-Plan Holdings established A-Plan Insurance in England in 1963. It currently boasts approximately 1 million contented clients across the country. To save time, money, and hassle, the company aims to offer a customised experience. It contributes to the high annual renewal rate of 8 out of 10 clients.

The company enjoys a network of over 100 high-street accessible branches. Specially trained and efficient staff are there to support the clients. Howden Group Holdings Limited has recently acquired A-Plan Group, becoming one of Britain’s biggest specialised insurance distribution businesses.

A-Plan Taxi Insurance is an excellent insurance solution for British taxi operators. As the industry evolves under Howden Group Holdings Limited, A-Plan's legacy of customer satisfaction and coverage options continues to provide excellent coverage to local cabbies.

A-Plan - The Specialist in Taxi Insurance

The Parkstone branch works dedicatedly for taxi insurance. Highly knowledgeable and trained employees are there to offer solutions that best meet customer demands. Whether you run a single taxi business or a fleet, specialised insurance coverage is required because standard auto insurance won't cover anything.

  • Third party : The bare minimum of coverage is required to drive on UK roadways. It covers harm done to other individuals, vehicles, or property. 
  • Third party fire and theft : This next tier of insurance will guard against fire damage and vehicle theft. The basic cover is in addition to this one.
  • Comprehensive Insurance : Even in cases of personal negligence, the highest level of insurance will cover any harm done to the car or the driver.

The options provided by Comprehensive Insurance include:

  • Policy-only - This coverage is the least expensive type of insurance, but the cost increases every time a new driver is added.
  • Named driver cover – Specifically for a nominated taxi driver.
  • Any driver cover – The cost of this option is the highest since it includes everyone who operates your cab.

Taxi insurance depends on various factors, including public or private-hire cab service, seating capacity, cab modifications, geographic scope, insurance coverage, and value additions. These factors influence the cost and type of insurance.

Every sort of taxi operator can benefit from A-Plan's assistance as a top UK taxi insurance broker. It comprises:

  • Public hire : These are taxis that pick up on-the-spot passengers at random.
  • Private hire: These taxis are used only by those who have reservations.
  • Minicab : Private rental cars cannot be hailed off the street or utilised for business reasons; instead, they must be reserved in advance through a private operator. They cannot utilise bus lanes or taxi ranks.
  • Taxi companies: This category comprises large fleets or numbers of cars owned by a single operator.

Who else provies insurance taxi and private hire drivers?

This type of cover tends to fall to specialists in this sector and when comparing deals and cover benefits you would be wise to include other key players that include Acorn taxi insurance, Bells, Collingwood taxi cover, Westminster, Paton's, Covermy cab and Haven amongst others.

Generally speaking, taxi insurance is more expensive and difficult than auto insurance. Thus, supply all pertinent information to ensure that every coverage need is met. The necessary details are provided below.

Different rules apply to drivers who pick up customers on the side of the road and those who only accept reservations.

The policy may be void If a taxi is operated outside of the designated operating area. So, cover all the targeted areas where the cab operates.

The regulation takes into consideration vehicles that can seat more than five people. To secure coverage for repairs or replacements, any alterations to the car should be explicitly specified.

Get taxi fleet insurance rather than separate coverage for each of your fleet's cabs.

You must have had a valid driver's licence for at least a year. The operator typically has to be 21 years old and have a current taxi licence.

Taxi Insurance Policy Coverage options

A-Plan offers a wide range of policies for taxi insurance. These include, but are not limited to,

Taxi Liability Insurance

Public liability or taxi liability insurance covers legal costs and damages for passengers or property damage during taxi rides. Taxi drivers must carry children to school, as they are responsible for their protection until they enter the school. The supplemental cover includes coverage for taxi premises

Legal Cover

It will pay for defending or filing claims after an accident.

Personal Use Cover

This insurance is required if the driver uses the cab for purposes other than business or outside regular business hours. However, some regional licensing agencies won't let a spouse operate a cab (unless they also register as a driver).

Courtesy Taxi

This insurance protection is helpful if an accident causes the car to be off the road.

Breakdown Cover

Protection against auto failures is included in this. Independent onward travel insurance can be applied to increase value. It will allow customers to proceed to their final destination.

Cover for Lost Keys

This could involve the cost of a locksmith, new keys and locks, automobile rental, and further transportation.

Unlimited Mileage

Polices available for unlimited miles.

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