William Bunker

William Bunker - Author

Originally from South East London, William had a strong inclination towards words and finance from a young age, studying English and Economics at A level. He went on to study Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the University of Exeter before working as a Trainee Underwriter at Eaton Gate MGU. There he acquired industry and specialist knowledge of insurance markets and products. Read more on LinkedIn

Wajahat Raja

Eamonn Turley has a wealth of experience within different insurance sectors. Through hard work and over time, he has gained expertise in digital marketing and user interface design. Elements that are crucial to any successful online business. The key aim is to develop websites that are intuitive, fast to load and provide insurance quotes tailored to your needs.

Wajahat Raja

Wajahat has a Level 7 diploma in accounting and finance and has an MSc. in accounting in Finance from one of UK's top universities, An avid follower of major financial topics such as insurance, hedge funds, and private equity, Wajahat routinely writes about these topics to give his opinions.

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