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Autosleeper Motorhome Insurance

Auto Sleepers insurance

Based in Willersey Auto-Sleeper is an award-winning British motorhome manufacturer.  Like SWIFT,  Bailey of Bristol, and Lunar Campers Auto Sleepers is  an established name in the UK motorhome manufacturing industry competing  against German and French makers. Auto-Sleeper produce a range of luxury Peugeot and Mercedes coach built motorhomes, with the Burford Duo topping the range of 2-4 berth motorhomes.

Whether you’re taking your motorhome with you on a weekend break or summer holiday, finding the right insurance for you is crucial to safeguarding your investment. We have access to a panel of specialist motorhome insurance providers that can provide you with cover that can be tailored to your leisure requirements. They also provide cover for Germany models, including Dethleffs, Chausson, Hymer and Hobby motorhomes

Top Autosleeper Motorhome Models

Autosleeper's have earned a reputation for their innovative design and a fleet of motorhomes that are able to meet the diverse needs within the leisure sector, from luxury to utility. The motorhomes are available in various sizes and configurations. Models feature an all-inclusive setup encompassing kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Some of the popular Autosleeper motorhome models include:

  • Autosleeper Broadway: The Broadway range is known for its versatility and comfort. It typically includes various layouts to accommodate different preferences, such as fixed beds, lounge areas, and kitchen spaces.
  • Autosleeper Nuevo: The Nuevo model is celebrated for its compact size combined with a spacious interior. It often features a rear lounge that can convert into a sleeping area, along with a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom.
  • Autosleepr Burford  :The Burford range based on the Mercedes chassis offers aspirational decadence for the discerning camper van owner looking for the space and comfort normally.

Insurance Savings Tips fot your Autosleeper Motorhome

An Autosleeper is a luxury motorhome that needs to be protected from the very real possibility of theft. Theft of motorhomes in the UK is at a all  time high and taking steps to reduce the risk of theft will also help keep the costs of insurance down.  Below we have listed some measures if taken in consultation with your broker should lead to lower insurance premiums.

  • Fitted approved tracking devices, the SWIFT command tracker, is one example of industry approved tracking device.
  • Install locks: wheel clamps, steering wheel locks, consider upgrading door and window locks 
  • Secure storage when at home or off the road. This should keep your luxury motorhome out of sight when not in use, and the storage should have cameras and alarms fitted.
  • Immobiliser:  Motorhome security is incomplete without an immobiliser. If your motorhome is not already fitted with one, you should prioritise installing an insurance approved immobiliser. Having an immobiliser will prevent your motorhome from even being hot-wired by a thief without a key. 

Whether you’re taking your motorhome for a Bank holiday break or an extended summer holiday, finding the right Swift Motorhome Insurance for you is vital. That’s why getting Swift Caravan Insurance quotes from a select panel of Motorhome insurance providers, will help you on your journey to finding the best online deal,

What Details Are Needed for Motorhome Insurance Quote?

You need to provide the following information to obtain a motorhome insurance quote, the information will help the panel find a policy type that might better suite based on how you use your leisure vehicle, Example a temporary motorhome insurance policy or a limited mileage quote

  • Personal Details: This includes your name, address, and contact information.
  • Motorhome Licence Details: Information about your motorhome, such as the make, model, year, and any modifications or special features
  • Usage Information: Highlight your primary use of the motorhome (whether it’s for recreational or full-time living purposes) and the estimated annual mileage.
  • Driver Information: This includes details about all drivers who will drive the vehicle, driving histories, their names, and ages.

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