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What Is Auto Trader Insurance?

Auto Traders Insurance

Protect your Traders Business.  Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Part time traders cover for all business types
  • All occupations form Car Trader to Valeter's
  • Employers/Public Liability Insurance
  • Sole Trader Insurance
  • Flexible Payments and Online Documentation
  • Combined Insurance Policies Available

What is Autotrader Insurance

An auto trader insurance policy covers a variety of aspects including the sale of vehicles and their servicing, car valeters, motor mechanics, breakdown services, and more. Both part time traders insurance  and full time cover is available.

Working as an auto-trader involves certain risks. Among these are your stock sustaining damage or being stolen. It’s possible that while transporting vehicles or out on a test drive, you could be involved in an accident. There is always that chance that a member of your staff or a customer could sustain injury while on your premises.

Sometimes, folks will take out auto trader insurance in an attempt to get themselves cover so that they may drive any vehicle. Remember, you must be a genuine trader, whether it be full or part time, to qualify for this type of cover. Most insurance companies will require proof of this before issuing you a traders policy.

Cover is available for salvage, scrap, and vehicle dismantles and for both full and part-time. Your insurance policy can also cover prestige vehicles, sport cars, and import vehicle dealerships to protect vehicles while at trade premises.

What are the Different Types of Cover that are available on an Auto Trader insurance policy?

If you work as an auto trader, you will need

 as a minimum. This will cover you as you drive not only vehicles that you own, but customer’s vehicles that have been left in your ‘custody and control’ as well.

Traders Insurance

In addition to this basic level of cover, you will need to consider whether or not to add combined insurance elements to your auto traders insurance policy. This combined insurance will bring together road risk insurance with several different options. If by chance you own the premises that you do business from, you may wish to insure it along with any of the fittings, machinery, tools, or vehicles that are left on site. There is also business interruption cover, which is designed to keep your business in operation in the unfortunate event that something should happen to your stock or premises.

Vehicle Exclusions your auto traders insurance policy will exclude certain types of vehicles. Make sure that the policy you decide to take out will cover the vehicles you are dealing in.

Trading from premises road risk insurance will not cover against damage or loss of vehicles kept at your business premises. If you require this type of cover, additional Premises Cover may be needed. That said, most insurance companies don’t class your home address as business premises.

Additional Occupations If by chance you do your auto trading part-time, and another trade is your full-time job, (builder, construction worker) your auto trader insurance most often will not cover you to use vehicles in connection with this other trade. An extension to your policy is usually needed.

Cover and Benefits It’s important to remember that most policies don’t provide the types of benefits that are normally associated with typical car insurance. Examples of this would be protected no claims bonus, courtesy vehicles, and wind screen cover.

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