What Is Accidental Damage In a Landlord Insurance Policy?

Quick Answer : Landlord accidental damage insurance aims to protect your property against real accidents, examples include spillages caused by you or your tenants or unintentional breakages. 

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Accidents are inevitable in rental properties. Even with the most careful of tenants and with regular maintenance, properties can face accidental damage. As a landlord, you expect all damage occurring in a rental property to be the tenant’s headache. However, accidental damage is your responsibility as the owner of the property.

Given below is a guide on accidental damage in landlord insurance. Find out what accidental damage really is, how much the insurance will cost you, and what is included in the insurance. Also, find out how you, as a landlord, are responsible for the accidental damage.

What is Accidental Damage?

Any damage to a property that occurs as a result of an unintentional action can be classified as accidental damage. Accidental damage is unexpected and sudden and is done by either the tenant, a third party, the landlord or any other.

Common examples of accidental damage can be when you forget to close your water taps and they are left running, broken windows due to a child kicking a football, spilling juice on the carpet, etc. Moreover, it also includes those things that are damaged in such a way that they cannot perform the function they are supposed to.

Does Accidental Damage Insurance Only Cover Property Damage?

As a landlord, you need to be aware of accidental damage insurance and what it covers. Accidental damage not only covers the physical damage to your property building but also any damage to the property’s contents. Examples for both damages are given below:

1. Building Damage:

  • You create an accidental hole in a plasterboard wall while moving a bed or couch
  • You place a hot cooking utensil and damage the bench top
  • Your pets damage the walls, doors or windows while playing inside
  • Your property was stuck by natural hazards such as floods, fires, storms

2. Content Damage: 

  • You spilt wine, juice or any other dangerous liquid on the carpet.
  • Your child or a third party breaks the TV or the air conditioner by hitting it with a ball.
  • You break an expensive piece of house decoration by dropping it
  • Damage to kitchen units like build-in ovens

What is not included in the Accidental Damage Insurance?

Any damage that has occurred over time due to lack of care and no maintenance won’t be covered by your accidental damage insurance. Damage caused by you, the tenant or a third party with deliberate intentions of harming the property or its contents will also not be covered by the accidental damage insurance. 

  • If your pets damage the property or its contents, whether by nibbling onto the couch or by scratching doors, it won’t be covered. The insurance does not cover any animal-related damage. 
  • If you are doing DIY on the property with something you are unfamiliar with, such as if you have no expertise in plumbing, but your attempt to fix the problem causes more damage to the property, it will not be included in your insurance
  • The accidental damage insurance will also not cover your money, food and clothing. 

Given below is a list of damages that your accidental damage insurance does not cover;

Who is Responsible for the Accidental Damage?

You may be wondering, as a landlord, are you responsible for the accidental damage caused in your property rented by a tenant? 

The simple answer to that is yes. Being the owner of the property, you are responsible for accidental damage caused to either the property building or the contents of the property. According to Section 11 of the UK’s Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, it is your responsibility as the landlord to look after the structure, building, and its property functionality (gas, water, electricity). If there is accidental damage to the structural elements of your property, such as the doors, windows, walls, floor and ceilings, you are responsible for providing the funds for the said damage.

Remember to Compare Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is available from a number of high street names, it is important to check the conditions of cover and when comparing the cost make sure you are comparing like for like. Start comparing names like Simply business landlord insurance, Tesco and CIA landlord insurance and others.

Is the tenant also responsible for Accidental Damage?

There are several types of accidental damages; some of them are caused by tenant lapses or mistakes, such as forgetting to turn the tap water off, or other similar damages that are unintentional yet the mistakes of the tenant. Such accidental damages that are ultimately the fault of the tenant should be the responsibility of the tenant. Upon renting the property, you, being the landlord, should always decide those terms upon renting the property.

How much will Accidental Insurance cost you in today’s market?

The cost of accidental damage insurance depends upon the policy and the plan you are choosing to go for. If you are only including the property building insurance, the cost of the insurance will be less as compared to both the building and the property contents. An estimated cost of accidental building insurance for you can be around  £20-25 per month in the UK. If you get multiple quotes, you will soon get an idea of the average cost of landlord insurance products and be able to discount quotes that fall outside the norm.

How can you reduce the risk of accidental damage as a landlord?

You can take regular precautionary measures to identify any risks that can cause damage. You can:

  • Carry out regular repair work by monitoring the condition of the property
  • Discuss beforehand the terms of the accidental insurance with the tenants
  • Build a good working relationship with the tenants

Providers of Landlord Accident Damage Cover Include :

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Is Landlord Insurance different to Accidental Damage Insurance?

Landlord insurance is the overall insurance of your property you have given out on rent. You can choose any type of landlord insurance depending on the risks you want to cover. If you are only looking to cover the property building and not its contents, your landlord insurance policy will be different as compared to a policy that includes both the building and the contents. Hence, choose the policy based on the risks you want to cover.

In conclusion, even the most careful tenants and peaceful neighbourhoods can face accidents that can damage the property building or its contents. Make sure your property is insured for accidental damage, and discuss the terms of insurance with the tenants, so you can know who is responsible.

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