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This type of cover is aimed at short term lets to people that just wish to rent a property for a short term, typically 3 or 6 months, but can be a longer or shorter time period

When a property is let out on a short term basis, it will have increased risk of damage. Even minor damage if unreported by a tenant can turn into a very expensive repair bill. Because of the increased risk, you need specialist insurance that comes under the label of short term landlord insurance, often referred to as buy to let cover. If you envisage the property being unoccupied between lets look for a policy that provides extended cover for periods of unoccupancy.

Short Term Landlord Insurance options

Short term landlord insurance can include the following elements, with varying levels of cover suited to your individual requirements.

  • Short term buildings insurance : This element provides cover to the  actual building for building repairs after a flood or fire, for example. Policies will vary, so pay particular attention to any exclusions and clauses.  
  • Landlord Liability Insurance :   This cover will provide protection of claims made against you  for injury or illness related to the property being let out. A typical value for landlord liability cover is £5 million. 
  • Short Term Contents Cover : This cover is important for furnished properties that are being let out. Tenants in general will not treat the property as they would treat their own property. They will do things that can cause damage to your furniture, in some case making replacement the only option. With contents cover, you can decide what to include and the level of cover required. White goods can also be included if required. This does not cover the tenant's belongings.

What does Short Term Landlord Insurance cost?

The cost will depend on a number of factors, but leading factors include the value of the property, the level and elements of cover required, the location, some locations pose a higher risk than others. Example, if the property was in an area with higher risk of burglary or if the property was located in a region with high risk of subsidence or flooding. 

Do I need Short Term Landlord Insurance?

Temporary landlord insurance is not mandatory, but most lenders will insist that you take out the minimum of landlords buildings cover as part of the loan agreement.

Can I use regular Home Contents Insurance as a landlord

Standard household insurance is not suitable for properties that are being rented out to tenants. Rental properties are a higher risk to any insurer, and you will need to look for insurance that covers you for being let out to tenants. Thee additional risk include malicious damage to your property or furnishings and claims against you for injury or illness.

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