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Guide To Student Landlord Insurance

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July 2023

As the name suggests, student landlord insurance is for landlords who rent out accommodation to students. Insurance companies that specialise in providing student landlord insurance polices understand that the risks are on a different level when compared to letting to professionals.  

Apart from student parties, the property will likely be left empty outside of term times. These factors make providing student landlord insurance cover higher risk and is only provided by a select set of insurance companies. These include Simply business landlord insurance and CIA landlord insurance services and Bollington.

What Is Student Landlord Insurance?

Student landlord insurance is a type of insurance that many mortgage advisors get involved in heavily. Before getting one, you have to understand how it works. First, this type of insurance is similar to any homeowner's insurance in many ways. All these types of insurance contain the usual elements of cover, such as liability, contents, and buildings.

However, liability in student landlord insurance has more relevance, and it also includes many bolt-ons. This means that you can add include extra elements ro the base cover to it to make a more comprehensive package. This is why this type of insurance has become more competitive, with many companies offering a variety of options for coverage.

Three Types of Risks Covered By Student Landlord Insurance

  • 1. Damage to the building and contents : The usual standard risks covered by building insurance include fire, storm, and flood. This will give you an additional cover for other risks, such as terrorism. On the other hand, contents refer to yours and not your tenants' contents, which may not be included as standard. This is handy for landlord properties that are fully furnished.
  • 2. Property owners' liability : This serves as landlords' protection against claims made by third parties that have something to do with your property. The claims include the compensation is successful and your legal defence.
  • 3. Risks posed by tenants : These risks may refer to but are not limited to loss of rent cover, malicious damage, accidental damage, and more.

The Importance of Having Student Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for your tenants. You must ensure that your property gives them a comfortable and safe space or home. You need to get coverage for various reasons; one of the most prevalent reasons is to be covered if ever your tenant destroys or causes damage to the property.

Here's a closer look at the importance of acquiring student landlord insurance:

1. Cover for damages

The student landlord insurance can help cover damages to your property caused by extreme weather, theft, or fire. You will also get covered for loss of rent.

This insurance covers the leased building and related permanent structures, including sheds and garages.

2 Tenant protection

If you include this option as part of the coverage, the insurance will cover malicious damage caused by guests or tenants, theft, and unpaid rent. You will also get replacement locks in cases when the tenants no longer come back to return the keys.

Landlord Insurance vs Home Insurance

Home insurance coverage includes the building you own and use for domestic purposes. It covers the following points:

  • Repairing or rebuilding your home
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Damaged or lost contents at the address indicated in the insurance, storage of undamaged things, and new for old replacements.
  • Spoiled medication and food

On the other hand, student landlord insurance gives you coverage for your rental property that is let out to students. It can covers repairing or rebuilding the rented property. It can also provide temporary accommodation coverage for students. 

You can add a complete replacement cover to your student landlord policy for an additional fee. This means the insurance will cover rebuilding and repair when an insured event causes them. You can also get paid the amount of the quote indicated in the assessment without the need to set a specific insured sum. This means that you won't be charged with additional costs.

The insured events for both kinds of insurance are the same, which include the following:

  • Escape of liquid
  • Lightning and storm
  • Fire

What Is Included In A Typical Student Landlord Insurance Policy

The insurance offers many add-ons without leaving out the basics, which include the following:


This coverage is pretty similar to standard building insurance. It covers any damage to the fabric of your property or its structure. You may already be used to it if you have a home or other kinds of building insurance.

In this case, make sure you are not lending on a flat or apartment where the block policy covers the space you are renting. This policy requires all maintenance charges to go to the block's premium.


This part of the coverage includes all the fittings and fixtures inside the property. They can be anything that a landlord provides for the tenant to use. The property can be semi or fully furnished.

These furnishing may include appliances, such as a microwave oven, rice cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, and so on. When tenants put their own stuff into the rented property, the insurance does not cover these things. If they want to protect their belongings, they can opt to get their own insurance as a student tenant.

Legal Fees

This is fairly common in any landlord policy and will cover your fees should you need to use legal service to recover unpaid rent or cost for malicious damage to furniture and fixtures or buildings. 

Rent Guarantee

This provides you with a monthly payment if an event occurred that made the property uninhabitable. These payments are normally for a fixed period of time, giving you time to get the property repaired and paying tenants back in.

Home Emergency Cover

A home emergency normally involves plumbing or heating issues that if not corrected quickly can lead to further damage and cost to the landlord. This is a popular add-on that will cover the costs of the callout and remedial fix. Get clearance from the insurance company before embarking on any major work to solve the issue.


This is often called public liability. It gives landlords coverage if your tenant or their guests encounter an accident or injury from something inside the property. For example, they fell in an open hole outdoors and got injured, or your roof with a loose slate fell and injured or, worse, caused somebody's death.

This should be your liability as the landlord for not taking care of the whole or not maintaining your roof. With liability coverage, you will have a backup in case your tenant sues you for the injuries or fatalities brought upon by your negligence to keep the property safe.

Get Student Landlord Insurance Quotes Now

You can get student landlord insurance quotes now from a panel of specialist insurance companies. Simply click or tap the blue button below, and you can have your quotes that can then be tailored to your requirements.

A student landlord insurance gives you coverage for unforeseen damages to your property. While deciding about it, you may want to include in the coverage a rent guarantee. This will ensure that you will get paid at times when your tenants fail to pay their rents for any reason.

Landlord insurance for student FAQ's

Why do you need different insurance if you rent to students? 

CIA and other specialist insurance companies recognise the letting out of property to students poses different risks than if the property were to be let out to HMO or professionals. Each tenant type has a profile risk and students happen to be in one of the higher risk profiles, similar to DHSS tenants or a house with multiple occupancy .

Is Student Landlord Insurance a Legal Requirement?

Student property landlord insurance cover is not a legal requirement, but for many it is cover that is essential. Without it, you are totally liable for damage to the property, including rebuilding costs.

Who regulates policies such as student landlord insurance? 

The FCA or Financial Conduct Authority set the rules and guidance that all UK insurance companies have to follow. The body is responsible for ensuring that the consumer has their rights protected. 

Why Is Student Landlord Cover More Expensive?

The risk when renting out to students is higher than if you were example renting out to young professionals. Whilst some students may be great tenants overall, it is likely more damage will be caused when a property is let out to students. The added risk is the main reason why getting cover for students is more expensive. In addition, the property is mots likely to be left empty during university breaks and weekends.

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