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Guide to Aviva Landlord Insurance 

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April 2024

It is essential to select an insurance company with a good reputation in all aspects of claims process, quotes tailored to your exact requirements and good reviews on reputable forums. Aviva ticks most of these boxes, being a UK insurance organisations with over 325 years of professional experience. That's right, it dates back to 1896! Landlord insurance is one of the unique types of insurance policies that covers rental properties, their liability, mortgage issues, legal payments and more. 

Difference between Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance 

Landlord cover and home insurance provide similar cover, but home insurance is cover aimed at your main residence, if you have property that you let out you will need specialist landlord insurance. The landlord cover is constructed to cover properties that are let out to tenants and sometimes left empty for longe periods of time. Being left unoccupied short term is especially true if your business is focused around the student property rental marketplace, 

Homeowner insurance covers the compensation and costs for a policyholder’s personal/ primary residence, whereas, landlord insurance covers unique risks and liabilities specifically related to rental properties. The insurance contract is critical and does not cover everything, for example, if you lend your primary residence and then seek insurance for liability or any rental property compensation, the insurer will not be able to help in that case. You will require landowner insurance for a separate rental property.

Typical cover provided by Aviva Landlord Insurance

This type of insurance is not a legal requirement, but it provides the policyholder with financial cover in times of emergency needs. Insured properties, buildings and homes give policyholders peace of mind. Aviva Landlord insurance is a simply an instrument that will safeguard property owner against buildings and contents loss. Below, we highlight what a typical Aviva landlord insurance covers: 

  • The expenses of natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes
  • Cost of repairs for excessive and irresponsible overuse of the rented residence/ property
    Landlord insurance also covers the cost of damages such as leaks, seepage, gas pipe fixtures, and reconstruction of wear and tear after incidents and mishaps. 
  • Rebuilding and touch-ups come under the cost of the landlord's insurance policy
  • Property owner’s liability indemnity

Similar to Tesco Landlord insurance, Aviva's policy serves the purpose of protecting the rental property owner from unexpected financial, liability stemming from the rental property or multiple properties if they choose portfolio landlord insurance. Property management companies, property ownership companies, private landlords, real estate investors, commercial property owners and people with buy-to-let properties can avail of this type of property policy.

Remember Subsidence cover

Home and landlord polices do not include cover for subsidence, if your property is in an area of risk speak with your provider on including building subsidence insurance. It will cost additional, but will provide the necessary cover should damage occur resulting from subsidence.

Aviva Landlord insurance highlights

This is not a review, but a guide to the features and options available with Aviva. 

Water leaks can and do cause serious damage, but the actual locating and fixing can be even more costly. Ceilings may have to be replaced and floorboards ripped up to find the source. Aviva is unique in that they will provide £5,000 in cover to find the leak and repair everything back to original state.

If the damage is so severe that you need to vacate the premises whilst it is being repaired, Aviva will pay for the alternative accommodation, but only f the event that caused was covered under the policy. 

Working out the correct sum assured for replacing the building is very important to little and you will be out of pocket too much, and you will be extra than necessary. With Aviva, they offer unlimited sum assured. However, they do have a caveat tin that for some buildings they will impose  a limit.  

  • Cover for all tenant types, including student and DSS
  • Ability to build up a no claims discount
  • Discounts available for multiple properties
  • Properties covered if left empty, but currently maximum of 13 weeks, perfect for student landlords
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Aviva Landlord optional elements

Aviva offer legal cover as an optional extra. This cover extends to every family member living in the home. In addition, it covers property disputes on any home they own or rent. The cover will provides cover for lawyer fees and legal costs to pursue or defend disputes in court. 

Aviva Landlord Insirance Legal Cover Limitations

They will only pay out if their lawyer believes you are more likely than not to win your case. Costs may be limited to what their lawyer believes to be a reasonable amount.  Claims that were likely to happen before you purchased the policy. For full details of inclusions and exclusions, please refer to their booklet.

How Aviva landlord insurance is calculated and how to save money on the cost of cover

The cost of an Aviva landlord insurance policy for the same exact property can and will differ depending on a member of factors, some like the post code you have no control over, but for others you can take steps to reduce the final cost, some of these factors are listed below.

  • Location or post code :  Avoid buying properties that are associated with higher crime rates. If the property has a postcode that is linked to a higher crime rate, expect to pay more than a similar property in a more safe area.
  • Make the property more secure :  By making the property secure and safe, you will be reducing of claims. For example, having a smoke alarm will reduce the risk of serious fire damage. Installing deadlocks on windows and doors will reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Collectively, these actions should help reduce landlord insurance cost. 
  • Unoccupied or Lived in : If the property is left unoccupied, you will need to consider short term unoccupied house insurance, which will be more expensive as risk to the insurer will be increased.
  • Level of Cover : Like any insurance the more cover and the lower the excess the higher the policy premium.
  • Claims Frequency : If you make regular claims, this will be flagged as an additional risk factor and again expect o pay more than a landlord with no or fewer claims.
  • Type of tenancy : If you have choice, choose a tenant that present lower risk, example a professional tenant over a DSS tenant or students. Cover is still available with student landlord insurance or DSS property insurance, but as risk to the insurer is higher, expect to pay a higher premium.
  • Pay Annually : Most providers including Aviva will charge an additional fee and interest payment for processing monthly payments, before deciding to pay monthly or annually check what these charges will be.
  • Skip small claims :   making small claims can lead to an increase in your premium or disqualify you from future no claims discounts offered that Aviva may offer. As such, you may be better off to pay for smaller claims out of your own pocket.   
  • Increase The Voluntary Policy Excess : Most providers including Aviva Landlord insurance will reduce the premium if you are happy to take more responsibility for cost in the event of a claim. By agreeing to a higher voluntary excess, you are doing exactly that, but be prepared to cover this. Best to set this aside in a high interest earning account.

Niche Providers of Landlord Insurance Include:

MultiQuoteTime Ltd does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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