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Aviva is the oldest British multinational company that has offered a wide range of insurance products for almost 300 years. Aviva Insurance was named in 2002, and it is known for telematics black box insurance, short-term insurance solutions, learner-driver insurance, and specialised coverage. This insurance product range serves business vehicles, motorhomes, electric vehicles, and common cars.

The Taxi Single Vehicle product was introduced in 2021 as a part of the Aviva Marketplace. Aviva Marketplace is a collection of challenging-to-place insurance products offered by carefully chosen partners and insured by Aviva.

The Taxi Single Vehicle is offered by Q Underwriting. It is a specialized underwriting company that provides a number of specialized and unusual insurance products. It is designed for taxi drivers with their own cars who require insurance.

The Taxi Single Vehicle is offered by Q Underwriting. It is a specialized underwriting company that provides a number of specialized and unusual insurance products. It is designed for taxi drivers with their own cars who require insurance.

Q Underwriting provides are the company behind over 30 niche commercial insurance products within Property, Motor and Construction sectors within the UK.  

The Aviva Taxi Policy has the following features and benefits:

Public Liability Coverage

Public liability coverage for contract work, like school and health authority contracts, has been increased. This coverage is significant for the drivers serving people with special needs. It protects them from any claims that could come up if they hurt or hurt someone else because they were careless. The policy covers public liability for up to £10 million.

Windscreen Costs and Claims

Windscreen costs and claims are unlimited when done by an approved repairer. This cover makes sure that the taxi driver's windscreen can be fixed or replaced quickly and easily without hurting their no-claims discount or making them pay more than they should. The policy also pays for bodywork damage caused by broken glass

3-Years All Repairs Guarantee

A 3-year guarantee on all repairs if you go to a garage in a network that has been approved. This insurance gives the taxi driver peace of mind, knowing that their car will be fixed well and that they won't have to pay for any more repairs for 3 years. The policy also pays for recovery after an accident and legal costs.

No Claims Discount Policy

Aviva also offers a policy of no-claims discount and a choice of excess levels. This feature lets the taxi driver get lower premiums if they have a good driving record and don't make any claims

Aviva is one of the UK's leading insurers, and they offer a range of motor insurance products for different types of drivers, including those who have driving convictions. However, having a driving conviction can affect your eligibility, your premium, and your coverage with Aviva. Here are some things you should know:


Aviva may not be able to insure you if you have certain types of convictions, such as speeding, CU80 conviction, drink driving, dangerous driving, or driving while disqualified. You can check the full list of convictions that Aviva does not accept on their website. If you have any other convictions that are not on the list, you may still be able to get a quote from Aviva, but you will need to declare them when you apply.


Having a driving conviction will increase your car insurance premium with Aviva, as it indicates a higher risk of making a claim. The amount of increase will depend on the type and severity of your conviction, as well as other factors such as your age, your vehicle, and your location. Aviva uses a risk-based pricing model to calculate your premium based on your individual circumstances.


Having a driving conviction may also affect the level and type of cover that Aviva can offer you. For example, if you have a conviction for driving without insurance, you may not be eligible for comprehensive coverage, which is the highest level of coverage that Aviva offers. You may also lose some benefits or optional extras that are normally included in your policy, such as a protected no-claim discount, courtesy car, or breakdown cover.

More Than One Taxi - Taxi Fleet Insurance?

If you are operating a taxi rank or operate multiple taxis, consider taking out a taxi fleet insurance policy, it should work out cheaper, and it will definitely reduce your administration overheads.  Most if not all taxi fleet insurance providers will also offer generous discounts as you add more taxi cabs to your fleet.

Aviva Landlord Home Insurance

Aviva is a popular provider of home insurance, but they also provide Aviva landlord insurance for those that are in the buy to let market or full time that need protection for their portfolio of properties. 

Aviva Dayinsure

For many, Aviva is better known for Aviva Dayinsure is the name of the product that offers momentary auto insurance for periods ranging from one hour to thirty days. Regardless of whether you require short-term car insurance for a few hours or a few weeks, it is a flexible and practical way to do so. T

It includes complete coverage for your vehicle's loss, theft, or damage, as well as accident recovery and legal costs. If you require temporary auto insurance for any reason, including borrowing a friend's car, trying out a new vehicle, moving, or taking a road trip, Aviva Dayinsure is a great choice.

Tips for Reducing Taxi Insurance Costs

Keep a good history of no claims is the number one way to reduce the cost of taxi or private hire insurance. It is also important to research the current offers by the key players in this sector and these include RSA, Equity Insurance Group, Towergate taxi insurance, Haven, Acorn, Markstudy,  Collingwood and Freeway taxi insurance services. 

  • Blackbox : Consider agreeing to add a black box, so the insurer can monitor your driving skills. 
  • Car Insurance Category: When selecting your taxi vehicle, take into account what insurance category it will fall into.  
  • Annual:  Pay monthly taxi insurance polices are widely available, but if you opt for an annual policy, it will work out cheaper. 

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