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AXA Motor Trade Insurance

This AXA Motor Trade Insurance Review intends to present just what one of the world’s biggest insurance companies has to offer business owners and others seeking Sole trader insurance in the motor trade sector.

What does AXA Insurance offer in Motor Trade coverage?

AXA offers competitive policies for Mid-Market Motor Trade businesses. Their standard policy includes 6 compulsory sections of coverage that include Material Damage, Road Risk Insurance, Equipment Breakdown, Public Liability, Product Liability and Legal Expenses. This broker like others provide a selection of options for traders that include under 25 traders insurance and part time trader's insurance.

Material Damage is protection against all risks, including;

  • Stolen keys
  • Commercial loads covered up to £100K
  • Up to £15K for property in transit
  • Up to £5K for tools stolen from the business premises.
  • Up to £10K to cover theft by deception of a vehicle.
  • Expenses related to public relations coverage up to £5K.

Road Risk coverage that is standard include;

  • Unlimited legal liability in case of death or injury.
  • Upper limit of £10M to cover damage to a third party’s property.
  • Window and glass replacement with excesses of £100 to £250.
  • Coverage while driving in the EU for social, domestic and pleasure is unlimited.
  • Up to £100K for legal defense for motor prosecution and uninsured losses.

Equipment Breakdown has financial protection up to £50K as a standard part of the policy.

Public Liability has standard coverage of up to £5M and can be increased up to £25M for rectification. There is also £1M coverage for environmental clean up.

Product Liability has standard coverage of up to £5M and can be increased up to £25M to cover faulty workmanship from the supplier and or manufacturer of the component. This also includes product financial loss, which is covered up to £250.

Legal Expenses is financial protection up to £50K as a standard part of the policy to cover the commercial aspect of a legal dispute.

Are there any optional areas that can be covered by AXA Motor Trade Policy?

Yes, there are several areas where coverage above the standard policy is available.

Employee Liability coverage from £10M to £25M.

Business interruption coverage includes;

  • Profit loss due to a vehicle being damaged when in transit.
  • £100K coverage for essential employees coverage.
  • Coverage for protection from murder, suicide and disease.

In Summary

This AXA Motor Trade Insurance Review put in clear and easy terms is just what this global insurance giant has to offer those living in the UK who are in the Motor Trade business sector. You can purchase a policy directly from AXA or use a broker.  AXA polices are available for both part time motor traders and those that operate a full time business within the motor trade sector. Others in this sector include DNA motor trade insurance, founded in 2003 and Nash Warren with over 30 years experience providing insurance to this sector. 

Finding a good deal on trade insurance starts by comparing multiple brokers. Visit comparative sites like this one or Go Compare. Also take note that some brokers are not always listed on third party sites. AVIVA motor trade insurance is currently such an example. In these cases, you will need to go directly to the trader broker website.

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