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Is there such a thing as eyelash extension insurance? Yes, and no! But we will discuss more about that later. If you’re an eyelash extension specialist, you need a steady hand like Clint Eastwood. Any involuntary twitches and you can accidentally shoot yourself in the leg, metaphorically speaking, of course. Keeping your nerve and limiting mishaps and mistakes is the hallmark of a great eyelash extension therapist.

eyelash extension insurance

The importance of eyelash extension insurance can’t be understated. This type of policy is for a beauty expert that will help financially protect them in the event of a third-party claim. You will ideally need to mix and match various public liability and treatment liability policies to streamline it for eyelash extension workers. But all the beauty insurance policies can be tailored to your individual needs. So, what’s it all about? How can I get the best eyelash extension – lash insurance?

Working in partnership with Quotezone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These brokers work in the beauty insurance niche and will be in contact via the phone to provide you with quotations based on your requirements. All policies can be tailored to your individual needs

Why do I need lash tech Insurance?

It’s important as an eyelash extension specialist that you consider some form of lash tech insurance that covers your businesses against potential finical risk. Eyelash extension treatments are more invasive than your standard beauty treatments and should be treated as such. Please see these potential risks involved with eyelash extension procedures and why you need insurance coverage.

Employee Hand Slips

If you or one of your eyelash extension employees makes a minor slip near the eyes, who knows what can happen! The damages and results can be devastating for your clients. Sharp tweezers are used to perform these duties, so care and attention is needed at all times. Although it’s uncommon, eye injuries that can cause permanent damage are possible, which could result in large compensation payouts.

Eye Extension Glue Allergic Reactions

Another common issue with eye extensions is reactions to the glue used in the procedures. The vast majority of glues used in these procedures are formaldehyde-based adhesive solutions. The cocktail of chemicals can cause irritation and even allergic reactions in some patients. And although allergic reactions are few and far between, they can happen. 

Eye Infections

One of the most common complaints from eyelash extension patients is eye infections. These infections routinely affect the cornea or the eyelid and can cause all manner of swelling. They are usually caused by inadequate hygiene, so it’s essential that you continually clean and sterilise your equipment. But even the cleanest and most professional therapists can experience these issues from time to time.

Losing Your Real Eyelashes

Having eyelash extensions can cause patients to lose their real eyelashes. This is normally a temporary thing, so they will grow back, usually in no time at all. However, losing your real eyelashes is quite uncommon and is normally a result of an allergic reaction or an infection. But, you could still be liable for that, so you’ve been warned.

Losing Your Eyelash Extensions

The best part about having eyelash extensions is they can last for months when properly applied. But if your customer does not follow your advice and instructions, they could fall out in a matter of hours. And although having eyelashes that fall out is not a serious issue, the customer will still be mad and blame you, even though it’s not your fault. Make sure you’re covered against these types of potential problems.

To summarise, here are the most common issues that can happen to any lash extension expert.

  • Eye injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections
  • Losing real eyelashes
  • Losing extension

What Eyelash Extension Insurance Policies Do I Need?

Because there is no specific eyelash extension lash tech insurance as such, you’ll need to learn about the policy types that suit your needs and requirements. The main three insurance types relative to eyelash extension experts are public liability insurance, treatment liability policies, and employer liability coverage.  Whilst insurance is not a legal requirement, for most within the beauty industry having a makeup artist insurance policy is the preferred option to cover the associated risks of working with the public.

The following coverage is normally standard in policies issued to beauticians that apply for eyelash extensions.

Public Liability Coverage

This is financial and legal protection if a claim is made against you by a customer. The claim can be when a patient on your property suffers an injury, catches a disease, dies, or have has their property damaged. For beauticians applying for eyelash extensions, there should be an additional provision in the policy. This is to protect you during the application of the extensions if something goes wrong with the process. Some insurance companies list this as treatment coverage.

Product Liability Coverage

This financially protects you if the eyelash extension itself is at fault and the reason a claim is made against you. The source of the claim against you can be a problem with the eyelash extensions that you applied to your customers.

Employer liability Insurance

For any business with staff, this is the type of coverage that protects the owner if an employee makes any type of claim against the business or owner. This is a requirement by UK law for any business, including salon owners, who have at minimum a part-time employee working for them.

Optional coverage includes personal accident and sickness insurance

If as the owner you become sick, disabled or anything else that causes you to be unable to work, this section of your policy is where the claim will be made. From most insurers, this section of the policy provides a weekly payment if an illness or injury is preventing you from working on a temporary basis. When the injury is permanent or death occurs, and you will not return to work, the payout is in a lump sum.

What makes a good eyelash technician?

Like any skilled technician, training is important, correct certified training will provide you with the knowledge and confidence that will let you start building up a client base. Some key attributes required are good eyesight, steady hands and know how of the process. It is important to be certified and have lash extension insurance.

Should I Buy Eye Extension Lash Insurance?

Things can go wrong quickly when using sharp implements near your patients’ eyes. One slip, and you could impair someone’s vision forever. Imagine the court costs and the compensation payout, and also the hit to your reputation and business as a whole.

Buying eyelash extension insurance will provide protection.  You might be a top-notch expert with hands steadier than a brain surgeon, but even the best can make mistakes. One mistake the best never makes is being protected against these potentialities. These types of insurance policies protect you and your patients at the same time, which is the right thing to do. 

The panel can help you compare available deals on eyelash extension insurance by providing you with multiple quotes. Simply click the green button below and enter some basic details to start receiving multiple quotes. If you provide other treatments, these can also be included under beauty insurance UK policy.

Eye Lash Tech Insurance FAQ's

Can I pay in Instalments?

Yes, most brokers are understanding to the needs of a new start-up that has to manage their budget until they build up their clientele and will allow monthly payments.  

Do I need to be qualified as an eyelash technician?

If a broker is to provide professional eyelash extension insurance cover, they would expect you to be qualified to at least NVQ Level 2 or its equivalent.

Can I include cover for the beauty treatments I offer, can I get cover for all of them?

It is normal for beauty professional to offer a range of beauty treatments. The broker will discuss your individual requirements and can tailor a policy that provides cover for the particular beauty treatment that you specialise in. Popular treatments and services include makeup artists, tattoo artist insurance and Holistic insurance


Most providers will let you take out a pay monthly lash insurance policy, this may work out more expensive than making a one off annual payment, but may work if you are a start-up business

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