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A Guide to Makeup Artist Insurance

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You can't brush off a claim for professional negligence or bodily injury to a client. Protect your makeup artist business, business premisses and reputation with makeup artist insurance with public liability cover.

Having makeup artist with public liability will ensure that you are covered as you practice your profession, either as a mobile operator or salon shop based. Having undergone the appropriate level of training to enable you to apply beauty treatments, you will be fully aware of the risk of a claim of negligence being made against you or your business.  

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It happens, a client files a claim for professional negligence or bodily injury putting at risk your professional reputation and if the claim is  successful reducing your bank balance. Protect both with makeup artist insurance

In order to get the best deal on any insurance policy, it’s vital that you compare quotes from a wide range of insurance companies.

  • Public Liability insurance for makeup artists
  • Stock & Business Equipment
  • Legal Expenses and Money Cover
  • Makeup artists cover available wherever you work; from home, in a salon and mobile technicians

Polices can be tailored to provide the essential cover required for your beauty business.

Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. The panel can provide you with quotes for your makeup artist business, enabling you to compare multiple quotes for makeup artists.

If you offer private makeup beauty treatments for weddings, parties, fashion events, and so forth, there are so many moving parts. And if things go wrong, who has your back? As a self-employed person or small business owner, you can only rely on yourself. Let’s have a look at how makeup artist insurance works, how you can benefit from getting coverage right away.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist Insurance Cover?

A career in makeup is very rewarding in so many ways. But even something you love doing can quickly turn into just a job. All jobs come with risks, and makeup artistry is no different. Makeup Artist Insurance with public liability will cover you in the event of being sued by a client, or can even be used to replace stolen or broken equipment. 

In most cases, you will be on the road and working remotely at someone’s house or a venue of a party or wedding. There’s always an element of risk when working in challenging environments. Accidents can happen, so be prepared by getting insurance coverage is not just desirable, but essential.

Do You Need Makeup Artist Insurance?

If you are a freelance make up artist who works remotely, do you need makeup artist insurance? It depends on the size of your business. If you work sparingly or part-time, it’s a contentious decision. But if you work regularly or full-time, you almost certainly require public liability insurance. If you are offering the following services, you are ideally suited for makeup insurance:

  • Special effects, celebrity, day, evening, bridal and stage makeup
  • Body painting
  • Contouring techniques
  • Eye/Lip applications
  • Foundation matching
  • Eyelash extensions

What Does Makeup Insurance Cover?

The most important part of obtaining this type of insurance is ensuring you know exactly what you are covered for and against. Generally speaking, you are covered against someone getting injured or their property getting damaged as a result of your business and services.

Here are some things that you are typically covered by:

  • Damage that you might have caused to your client’s property while you are working or directly linked to your work.
  • Injuries that you’ve caused to someone else in the process of doing your job.
  • Accidental damages or injuries caused by one of your employees while working for your business.
  • Business equipment : The cost of replacing the tools of your trade can be expensive, so make sure this type of cover is included in your final policy.

Please note: If you employ someone to work for your business, you need by law to obtain employers’ liability insurance.

What Types of Makeup Artist Insurance is Available?

Most providers will let you mix and match, but a good policy should cover your liabilities. For many, this means finding a good makeup insurance policy with public liability. The public liability is an important element to provider cover from claims of injury, property or property damage from third parties. The third party can be a client or just a member of the public that you encounter during your working day.

  • Makeup insurance with public liability insurance provides cover if your client is injured while in your salon or even in a remote location. If a customer falls on your premises, this insurance will cover court fees and compensation claims. And although this type of insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, it should be a top priority for small business owners who work with the public.
  • Professional Liability is protection if a client makes a claim they were injured by your services. This covers the costs of legal fees and any settlement made. This type is also for unsatisfied customers that could claim against you.
  • Product Liability provides cover if any liquid paste or other application creates an allergic reaction on your client. Generally speaking, in your case, this is the least important insurance type, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate its importance.
  • Treatment Liability Insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers a wide selection of cosmetic treatments, including makeup application. This covers you against any problems that arise from offering makeup and cosmetic treatments. Again, this might be further down the list when compared to public and professional liability insurance.

Are My Tools and Equipment Covered?

Like with many artistic skills, applying them requires the use of tools and equipment that enable you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These tools in the hands of a trained professional enable you to perform transformations that will leave your clients in awe of your skills.  This cover protects the tools of your trade if they are damaged, lost, or stolen. Some of these tools are not just expensive, but are important to do your job correctly.

Should I Buy Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist Insurance?

If you are a makeup artist that works at home, out of a salon, or as a freelancer on the road at parties and weddings, getting makeup artist insurance should be a top priority. You never know when an accident or mishap can arise, and you need to be prepared for such eventualities. If someone falls in your shop, or you or an employee accidentally jabs someone in the eye, you might get sued or need to pay compensation. Allergic reactions from the chemicals in your foundation and other products can also cause issues.

Getting fully covered now will save you lots of cash and tears in the long run. Let us help you to compare the best makeup insurance policies, so you get the most competitive deals in the marketplace. 

How Much Can You Earn as a Makeup Artist?

If you are a freelance professional makeup artist, how much you earn will depend on you. If you work 7 days a week and provide an outcall service, you can charge premium rates. 

How To Get Started In The Makeup Professional Industry

Training requires commitment, along with many hours of experimenting on yourself and friends. Video tutorials will also provide you with further inspiration and additional ideas. When you feel you have the basic grounding and a style of your own, look for the professional courses online or nearby where you live. To make it in the world of the makeup artist, you will need at least level 3 industry recognised qualifications.

Compare The Costs of Makeup Artist Insurance

Before you start your business, find a good insurance policy that will cover your requirements. You may be working from a studio or providing a mobile or call out services. Each will require slightly different types of cover.  The panel can provide you with multiple quotes tailored to your exact beauty business requirements.

Compare Makeup Artist Insurance  

  • Cover available wherever you work; from home, in a salon or at your customer's residence
  • Pay in instalments via Direct Debit
  • Product and Treatment Liability Cover
  • Compare & see if you can save today!
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