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A Guide To Microblading Insurance 

By Eamonn Turley
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March 2024

Microblading has become one of the most obsessive beauty treatments over the past few years. But, you don’t need me to tell you that as a beauty therapist. It’s an innovating and ground-breaking solution for fuller and thicker eyebrows while looking completely natural. If you’re a beautician that offers these types of services, you need to have access to reliable microblading insurance (UK).

With any semi-permanent beauty treatment, the practitioner is open to risks of something going wrong. This new technique of adding semi-permanent coloured marks representing hair follicles where eyebrows once were is also referred to as eyebrow embroidery and microblading. 

Many salons now offer this trending treatment and if a client is unhappy and believe you to be negligent, they are entitled to claim compensation. MQT in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. The panel will provide you with quotes that are tailored to your beauty business requirements. 

Microblading is a technique where a scalpel is used to make incisions in the area where eyebrow hairs are or once were. Once the incision is made, ink is then introduced and then allowed to heal. This is not a tattoo that uses a machine to place pigment deep under the skin, but is done by hand with the pigment just below the top epidermal layer. 

But with an invasive procedure such as microblading, you need to be protected against any mistakes or injuries. These types of beauty insurance policies offer a wide range of coverage for beauty professionals such as yourself. Let’s find out more about microblading insurance and how it works.

What is Microblading Insurance?

A good microblading insurance package will include public liability insurance and other elements that are specific to the liabilities of those that operate in the beauty sectors. It’s an incredibly important insurance type if you are running a mobile microblading service and need protection against any unforeseen mishaps. The treatment risk cover protects you if a claim is made by a customer if the treatment results in injury or has unexpected results. Furthermore, it will also cover you if you’ve caused any damages to their property.

What Elements Make The Best Microblading Insurance Policy?

You will need a mix of public, product, and treatment liability policies in your microblading insurance coverage, to cover risk common to tattoo insurance policy. Here is a list of the main insurance policies that are relevant to microblading and beauty technicians and therapists.

  • Public Liability  You can select the amount public liability needed. The range is typically from £500,000 to £5,000,000 per claim in a standard policy, but can be increased if desired by the beautician. This cover is protection if a claim by a third party is made where they state they have been harmed or their property damaged in your salon or working area.
  • Product liability Typically up to  £3 million to cover all claims in a calendar year. This protection can be increased to £5 million to cover all instances where a claim is made against you in a calendar year. This is cover if a product you use is deemed faulty by you or one of your clients and harms a client.
  • Treatment liability Typically up to  £3 million per claim when the client has an adverse reaction to the treatment which can include, but not limited to excessive swelling, infection or other.
  • Professional indemnity cover or malpractice insurance is protection of typically up to  £3 million  per claim if a client files with the court a complaint that you made a mistake in your treatment or advice is faulty which leads a client to be injured.

Is Insurance for Brow Technicians Available?

The term ‘Brow Technician’ explains exactly who you are. An expert and a technician with unique skills. Sculpting eyebrows with unnerving precision is similar to art and takes great concentration and focus. One wrong move, and you’ve just cut your client. It’s a tight margin of error type of business. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific microblading insurance policy for brow technicians, so you’ll need to carefully combine public liability insurance cover with treatment liability insurance. We would recommend this combination for the vast majority of professional beauticians who ply their trade on the road, from home, or in a salon. And then you will be able to work confidently with the peace of mind for both you and your customer.

Microblading Insurance Provides Financial Protection?

If you are performing microblading services, you will need to consider how to financially protect yourself from claim of injury or property damage. One little slip and you could end up paying massive compensation to your client. And you don’t want to lose your business or pay thousands of pounds out of your own pocket. You have a responsibility to not only your customers, but also to yourself to keep your business thriving.

Buying Microblading Insurance (UK) should be a combination of public and treatment liability cover. Product liability coverage and legal cover should also be considered. 

Do You Need Other Insurance Elements for Microblading Services?

Legal cover is always advisable for any business, just in case a third party makes a claim against you or your business for any reason. This cover will take care of court fees, along with the cost of hiring a solicitor and lawyer, along with any settlement made in court.

The use of microblading insurance is to help financially protect the beautician who performs this salon speciality service. This makes it possible for them to fully concentrate on the task of handling the needs of their clients instead of the problems that could arise from operating a business. If you offer a range of beauty services, you may wish to consider a salon insurance package to cover all under one policy.

What Insurance do you need if I have a helper or other type of employee?

By UK law, anyone that employees a third party must have employer's liability insurance. This cover takes care of the costs if the employee is injured on the job and requires medical attention.  If you are an employee in the beauty sector, you can protect yourself against redundancy by taking out redundancy protection insurance. This type of policy will pay a percentage of your wage for a period of time as stipulated in the policy, but only if you are made redundant

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Microblading insurance FAQs

How much does microblading insurance cost? 

The cost of microblading insurance will depend on the size of your business and the level of cover required, the best way to get a true indication of the cost is to complete the get a quote form.

Is Public Liability Insurance Required by Law?  

Public liability or PL insurance is not a legal requirement, but it provides valuable protection against third party claims against you for injury or damage to personal belongings or property. The amounts that can be awarded in an injury claim can be staggering, so for many it is an important insurance.

Does my mobile microblading businesses need insurance?

Yes, motorhome insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and you must have at least third party cover to drive your motorhome legally.

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