DIY skin care tips

Cold weather is good for things like snowmen, skiing and occasional consumption of hot fish, but for your skin, it's torture.

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DIY skin care tips

Cold weather is good for things like snowmen, skiing and occasional consumption of hot fish, but for your skin, it's torture. So by the time spring comes, your dry and cracked skin is fed up and ready for a taste of spring weather. Along with long warmer days, spring season also comes with a plethora of ingredients perfect for healing, moisturizing and alleviating your dry skin. Examine the aisles of your grocery store, and you will see them stocked with some of the best fruits, vegetables and oils able to replace those name brand skin care products. So instead of going to your local beauty salon or try a DIY solution.

Say yes to a scrub

The first step to having spring ready skin is to shed your winter skin. Before you lament over your lack of pre-summer soft skin, go DIY. You can quickly make an at-home body scrub to remove the last of winter’s dull skin. Choose either salt, sugar which is gentler on the skin with an organic oil of your choice. We suggest olive and coconut oils for their richness. Coconut oil sugar scrub does a great exfoliating job, as it removes dead skin cells to give you a new fresh look.

Mix one part oil to two parts sugar or salt in a container. The contents will separate, which is entirely normal. Add two to three drops of your essential fragment oil of choice. This will provide you with a DIY body scrub to enhance your experience of next shower.

At-home hydrotherapy

Several spa treatments either start or end with some kind of hydrotherapy. Usually, it involves starting off in a warm pool and then plunging into a cooler one to boost circulation. You are left feeling relaxed yet energized, but you do not have to hit the spa for that to happen. All you need is hit the showers at your home.

Start with a hot shower for one minute then switch to cold water for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat three to five times. Emerge feeling ready to face the long spring day.

Make it a mask

Treatment masks, whether applied at a spa, applied by a makeup artist or purchased from a beauty store, can be pricey, but you do not need to dip into your purse to treat your skin. What’s in your kitchen can be an affordable and an effective way to get gorgeous skin. The most common skin care concerns in spring season are a complexion that’s either to dry or to oily. The following are two useful and quick fixes for these conditions;

  • Strawberry mask clarifies your skin and busts excess oil. Crush three to four berries, add two tablespoons of organic yogurt and the juice from one-quarter of a lemon. Mix well and apply to dry, clean skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse well.
  • For an effective and cheap dry skin solution, add one tablespoon of yogurt in a mashed avocado. Mix well, apply and leave on for five to ten minutes. Rinse well and use your regular moisturizer.

Steam and tone skin

Instead of wasting hard-earned money on products meant to get your skin glowing, do it all on your own. Steam your skin to open the clogged pores and boost circulation.

Simply add warm water to a glass bowl. Add few crushed mint leaves for freshness, cover your head with a large towel to keep the steam in and sit with your face over the bowl. Five to ten minutes should do the trick.

Next, it’s time to tone, but again you don’t need to hit the beauty aisle. Just brew chamomile or green tea, let it cool for few minutes in the fridge, add to spray bottle, and voila - you have made a refreshing toner for the cost of a tea bag.

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