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What Insurance Do You Need For A B&B?

A bed and breakfast, like other hotel type businesses, will often be put on a hotel package policy or a specific bed and breakfast policy by your insurance underwriter. Do you have a bed and breakfast business, be that a chain, or even a small holiday listing on Airbnb? If so, a hotel or B&B insurance policy for your business and property will put your mind at ease with the knowledge that your business will be protected against unexpected losses, both general and more specific to hospitality and keeping guests. 

Does House Insurance Cover Guests?

Many household policies will cover your basic public liability, which insures you against injury to the public on your property. This means that paying guests or other visitors injuring themselves will not result in large losses to the business. 

Theft on the other hand, when occurring without forced entry, is omitted from most household policies. The thieves would have had to break in via a closed door or window for any stolen goods to be covered by the house insurance. 

Many bed and breakfast policies will offer a business type money insurance called theft of takings, which will protect the money on the premises from theft, as well as general theft insurance that protects your contents. This type of insurance will vary in its coverage and can sometimes cover items that are taken by guests, but it is worth checking with your broker whether it does or not. 

Bed And Breakfast Insurance Cost

The costs, as with any insurance policy, will vary greatly between different B&Bs. A large hotel accepting B&B guests will pay a lot more than a small annex or room set up for guests overnight. 

The size, age, build of the property, contents, fixtures and fittings, revenue, employees, and number of guests will all be a factor in determining the final premium. 

As well as this, there are other features of the policy that can play a part, such as level of cover, excesses, exclusions, and endorsements. Considering all of these factors, premiums will usually be between £100 and a few hundred pounds per annum for most small to medium B&Bs. While the larger ones will often pay upwards of £1,000. 

Did you know? You can spread your payments across the year to ease cash flow

What May Be Included In A Bed And Breakfast Insurance Policy?

  • Buildings - The property that your guests will stay in can be insured against major perils, such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, subsidence, and aircraft collision.
  • Contents - The items on your property can be insured against damage, destruction, and theft from the same perils as above. 
  • Stock - The majority of B&B businesses will carry food stock. This produce can be protected from flood, subsidence, and theft, as well as faulty cooling units under your stock insurance. 
  • Public Liability - This aspect of the insurance will cover any accident or injury to a member of the public on your premises, whether due to uneven paving,
    faulty equipment, or other incident related to your business or premises. 
  • Employer Liability - Your employees are often susceptible to the same risks as the public, and sometimes more serious risks than that. If an employee suffers an injury or accident causing them financial loss, your employer's liability will come into effect to pay the damages. 
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