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Guide to the Bell Direct Home Insurance

Bell Direct is a brand owned by EUI Limited, which is part of the Admiral Group plc company. They offer a wide range of coverage to protect individuals and their properties in various situations. This includes home insurance, car insurance, breakdown cover, multi-car insurance, and personal injury insurance, motor legal protection, van insurance, travel insurance and other insurance products. The competition is stiff in the home insurance marketplace with high street names that including Post office home insurance, ASDA, Policy Expert, Swinton, and Tesco and many others all competing for a share of the market.

What Home insurance polices are available with the Bell Direct?

Most home insurance companies offer three main types of coverage:

  • Buildings Only: This protects the structure of your home itself, like the walls and roof.
  • Contents Only: This covers your belongings inside the home, like furniture and electronics.
  • Combined Buildings and Contents: This is the most comprehensive option, protecting both your home and your possessions.

Below is a table showing the different home insurance cover levels at the Admiral Group.

PolicyUnlimited Buildings CoverContents CoverAdditional accidental damage
Admiral GoldYes£100KOptional
Admiral PlatinumYes£150KYes

What types of home insurance cover does the Bell Direct offer?

Policies provided by the Post Office include two major cover levels and an optional enhanced cover, namely:

1. Admiral

This is the most basic tier of the home insurance cover offered by Admiral Group. It comes with unlimited building cover, up to £75K contents cover, and a 24-hour helpline. It also includes alternative accommodations (for both contents and buildings) and optional extras. However, there's no trace and access or boiler emergency cover.

2. Admiral Gold

This has everything in the Admiral tier, but its contents cover is up to £100K. It also has £5K worth of trace and access and a boiler emergency cover.

3. Admiral Platinum

This is the highest home insurance cover level offered by the Admiral Group. Everything on the Admiral tier is also available in Platinum. However, the contents cover is up to £150K and it also comes with up to £2K personal possessions cover.

What is included in a Bell Direct Home Insurance Policy?

You can customise each of the policy types mentioned above to suit your specific needs. The policy booklet contains information about individual home insurance policies, making a claim, and modifying your policy. Before you decide on any policy, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Did you know? Standard home insurance may not provide cover if a property left empty for 30 consecutive days!

Each provider of home insurance will have conditions attached to how long the property can be left empty and still be insured.  For many, it comes as a nasty shock to realise that leaving your property empty for 30 consecutive days can void your cover.  Check with your policy provider! If you will be leaving any property empty for a prolonged period, you will need empty house insurance if your property will be left empty for a prolonged period of time.

Who underwrites Bell Direct insurance?

EUI Limited (trading as Bell) isn't the actual insurance company but rather a middleman. It helps connect you with different insurance companies for your car and home insurance needs.

How Home insurance is calculated and how to save money on the cost of cover

Home insurance costs can vary for the same type of house, depending on several reasons. Here are some things that affect the price:

  • Where you live: Homes in areas with higher crime rates tend to have more expensive insurance. This is because there's a greater chance of needing to make a claim. 
  • Security features: Homes with security features like smoke alarms and deadbolts are seen as less risky by insurers. This can lead to a discount on your premium.
  • Past claims: If you've made a lot of claims in the past, insurers may consider you a higher risk and charge you more. 
  • Payment method: Some insurers charge extra for paying your premium monthly instead of all at once.
  • Claiming for small things: Making small claims can actually raise your premium or reduce your chances of getting a discount for not making claims (called a no-claims discount). It might be cheaper to pay for minor repairs yourself.
  • Voluntary excess: This is the amount you agree to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. Choosing a higher excess lowers your premium, but you'll need to have that money saved up to cover repairs.

Compare Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance providers

Looking for the best deal on home or landlord insurance? Begin by comparing the options available in the market. Some providers to consider are Total Landlord Insurance, Aro, Simply Business, and CIA Insurance Services.

How do I get in touch with the Bell Direct Insurance Services?

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