Time to Consider The Benefits of Business Fleet Insurance? 

By Eamonn Turley
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Feb 2024

Most start up's focus on growing and making a success of their core business, but as the business grows, a well run business will focus on how they can make savings.  Insurance is one expense that should be reviewed on a regular basis and if you are a company with a growing fleet of vehicles it may also be time to consider the benefits of business fleet insurance. If you are still undecided on the benefits, read our 5-minute guide that highlights the key benefits that come with a switch to a fleet policy over traditional standalone car insurance policies.

mini fleet insurance UK

Ease of Administration

If your business start up has a growing fleet of vehicles, it is important to keep on top of the paperwork, pay your premiums as they fall due and liaise with the insurance company to follow up on any claims. With the traditional stand-alone policy, this can become a time-consuming, especially if you have vehicles insured with different insurance companies. Enter business fleet insure one policy that provides cover for all your vehicles under one on easy to manage policy.

  • One Renewal Date
  • One point of contact for claims and adding or removing vehicles 
  • Discounts on additional vehicles
  • Leverage to negotiate of getting a better deal or other benefits, example enhanced cover, fat processing of insurance claims.

Flexibility in Choosing Drivers

Whilst arranging any driver fleet insurance can be more difficult and will also be more expensive than a named fleet policy, the advantages that it provides may outweigh the additional costs. This type of policy works to the advantage of a company that has a high staff turnover, so you need not worry who and who is not insured to drive particular fleet vehicles. These police can be tied down to allow only divers with experience to be included. For example, any driver over 25 with 2 years driving experience. Adding these type of constraints will reduce the overall insurance cost and also help your company or business reduce claims and benefit for from future fleet no claims discounts.


Providing car insurance for multiple vehicles is expensive. As a business fleet grows, these costs begin to mount up and a fleet policy may work out more affordable. This is especially true as the fleet size grows from mini fleet insurance to proving cover large fleets.  

Flexibility in Fleet Vehicles

Another sometimes overlooked benefit is that a policy need not be limited to a particular vehicle type and can include a range of vehicles types, as depicted below.

  • Cars and Pickup's
  • Vans
  • Trucks and Tippers 
  • Farm Vehicles
  • HGVs Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Minibuses
  • Taxis (public and private)
  • Bikes

Wide Range Of Fleet Insurance Types

Whilst an insurance company can tailor the fleet policy to your commercial needs, insurance companies offer fleet insurance cover aimed at the following business models 

  • Courier fleet insurance, including haulage fleet insurance : This style of cover has been designed for fleets involved in transporting goods and providing courier or delivery services.
  • Fleet insurance for taxi and public hire companies
  • Hazardous goods insurance: This is specific to fleets involved in transporting hazardous materials or substances
  • Fleet Mini bus insurance: Specifically tailored for minibus fleets that are used to transport passengers, examples include airport minibus taxi, school minibuses and care home minibuses

Fleet Insurance Benefits Round Up

One contact for vehicle insurance simplifies insurance management for any businesses that rely on vehicles as part of their business. This type of policy offers efficiency and should be more affordable. It allows a business to consolidate coverage under one policy and leverage this to bring down the cost of insuring the vehicles attached to the business.  The cover can be easily customised to specific needs. Fleet vehicle insurance also ensures inclusivity by covering drivers who may face difficulties obtaining individual insurance. 

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