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Autonational Rescue Review

The Autonational rescue services have been assisting stranded motorists on UK roads since 1992. This organization is part of the Right Choice Insurance Brokers Limited family. They have more than 1,200 teams on standby to lend a helping hand to those stuck on the side of the road.

What does Autonational rescue offer?

  • Roadside cover provides assistance where the broken down vehicle is at minimum 1 mile from your home residence. If repairs do not make it roadworthy, then the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage within 10 miles of the breakdown. This protection covers the vehicle, independent of who is driving.
  • Roadside and recovery cover includes the same assistance of roadside cover with the addition that your vehicle will be towed to the destination of your choosing if it can’t be repaired on the side of the road.
  • UK cover includes the same as roadside and recovery cover with the addition of house calls to help repair your vehicle at the residence of the policyholder or tow the vehicle to the nearest garage. You will also receive up to £100 for onward travel or emergency accommodations if your vehicle can’t be repaired. Repairs to towed caravans and small trailers are included.
  • Personal cover includes the same as UK cover but the named person is what is covered and not a specific vehicle. This makes it possible for the named person to receive assistance if the vehicle they are in breakdowns on the road.

What is included in all the Autonational rescue cover policies?

There is an emergency messaging service that notifies the place of your destination of the delay.

If you have lost your keys assistance will be provided.

For those involved in an accident or the vehicle is disabled due to vandalism or theft, assistance will be provided.

All policyholders are eligible for a 50% discount when adding a second vehicle to the policy.

Does Autonational rescue offer cover in Europe?

Autonational rescue has a sister company they are associated with called Euro rescue. They offer cover in 3 different packages of less than 3 days, more than 3 days and long duration trips.

Benefits include roadside assistance, towing to the nearest garage, car for hire and onward travel. The total amount of cover can’t exceed £1,000.

This Autonational rescue review has discovered that they offer the same standard packages as other roadside assistance companies in the UK. All the bases are covered and to make sure your needs are addressed, the hotline is manned 24/7 by a person that speaks English.

* Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check the providers Ts&Cs.

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