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Compare Breakdown Cover for Older Cars

Breakdown cover for older cars is available to help those in need on the side of the road, but the coverage is slightly different from what is available for new cars. One of the most notable differences is the availability of parts. Another is the higher cost, since older vehicles are known to breakdown more often than newer models. This type of cover will also provide breakdown cover for classic cars

No age limit exists for providing breakdown cover for older cars with the UK. However, finding European breakdown cover for classic cars or EU breakdown cover for cars older than 16 years old can be more difficult.

What is classified as an older vehicle?

From most roadside assistance firms vehicles, 0 to 16 years of age with less than 150K miles on the odometer for coverage in Europe are considered new cars. There are also companies in the UK that consider vehicles 20 years of age as newer cars. All other vehicles are classified as older vehicles.

Can you get breakdown cover on an old car?

Yes, breakdown cover for older car is available that includes UK and European breakdown cover.  Please take note that spare parts are NOT covered by the panel of breakdown providers. Each provider may have slightly different conditions, so it is important to read the cover documentation for full details before purchase or travel. For example, some suppliers will provide free delivery if spare parts are not available locally. So whilst you will be liable for the costs of the part, you do not have t cover any delivery costs.

Is European breakdown cover available for classic cars ?

Most providers have no age limits for providing breakdown cover within the UK and NI, but few will provide European breakdown cover for classic cars or cars that are over 20 years old. 

What types of repairs are covered for older vehicles?

The same types of repairs a roadside mechanic can do for younger cars are available for older cars. The biggest restriction is the availability of spare parts. Many of the mechanics coming to the aid of a driver who is broken down on the roadside will have the most common spare parts for modern cars. These spare parts do not normally line up with what is needed with older vehicles.

What types of repairs are made to older vehicles regularly by the roadside mechanics?

The most common repairs are also the easiest to fix on the roadside. The following list includes many of them, but is not limited to only those on this list.

  • Blown fuse
  • Dead Battery 
  • Loose wire
  • Wrong Fuel
  • No Fuel

What happens when the mechanic can’t repair the vehicle where it was broken down?

Depending on the level of coverage a person has on the vehicle, it will be towed either to the closest repair shop or the repair shop of the owner's choice.

European breakdown cover for older cars

An option is normally available to add European breakdown cover for classic or older cars. With this in place, If your car breaks down in Europe, then can call roadside assistance. Some providers offer an additional option of having the vehicle towed back to the UK if it can not be fixed.  

What is not included in the breakdown cover for older cars?

Just like for newer vehicles, the cost of replacement parts and the labour to install them is not part of the breakdown policy. Because of the age of the vehicle, these replacement parts might also be difficult to locate so that the repair can be made.

Is it advantageous to have breakdown cover for older cars?

Yes, this type of protection is advantageous to have in terms of cost efficiency. Some breakdown cover can cost as little as £7.50 a month. Without this cover, just one time to have the vehicle towed can cost upwards of £160 or more. To have a mechanic come to your aid without coverage can be £90 or more.

Having breakdown cover for an older car lets the driver rest assured help is just a phone call away if their vehicle is disabled. Drivers who might be hesitant to take this type of policy out are those that can change a tire on the roadside even if it is raining. 

Do you offer a breakdown recovery service? 

If you specialise in providing a breakdown recovery service, you will need recovery truck insurance  a special type of motor trade insurance that provides the necessary legal cover required to provide a breakdown recover service.

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