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What is car and caravan breakdown cover

The caravan and trailer breakdown cover is there to take one of the worries an owner will have when away from home and enjoying a holiday. With this protection, help is just a phone call away 24/7 when you have a mechanical problem on the road.

What types of vehicles do car and caravan breakdown cover include?

The types of vehicles that will be covered under this classification of an insurance policy include caravans, motorhomes, campervans, trailer tents, folding campers and trailers. If it has wheels, is transported on the road and you can sleep and eat in it, it can be protected.

Each insurance company has its own restrictions in terms of the size of vehicles that can be covered. The most common is as follows;

  • 3.5 tonnes or less in weight
  • must not exceed 7 metres in length
  • 3 metres in height or lower
  • 2.3 metres in width or thinner

Towed caravans should not exceed 7 metres in length and are required to have a 2” towing coupling.

Small trailers should have a length that does not exceed 3 metres and is required to have a 2” towing coupling.

There are some insurance firms that have no restrictions so before taking out a policy look at the specifics of the cover to know if it is what you need.

Is my tow vehicle covered by car and caravan breakdown cover ?

The tow vehicle can be covered along with the caravan or trailer, but each policy issuer is different, so read the policy you are taking out before you pay the premium. For many, both the tow vehicle and the trailer being towed are covered and can receive roadside assistance when there is a problem.

Many policies also have a clause in them that if the tow vehicle and the trailer are separated for repairs or due to a breakdown, the two vehicles will be reunited at your home or caravan park. This dual option is further clarified below.

Car and Caravan breakdown cover comes as 2 options

Recovery Only

Caravan or trailer recovery only covers provides cover for the vehicle only. As such, if your towing vehicle breaks down, the cover provided will also recover the towed vehicle. The important point to note is if the problem is because of the caravan or trailer, you do not have cover. For this you will need Recovery & Repair cover.

Recovery & Repair Cover

This recovery and repair cover provided cover for the vehicle and the trailer/caravan being towed. So now if either breaks down, you can call out the breakdown services to get the car and caravan back on the road.

What types of problems are covered?

The most typical types of problems encountered by a caravan and motorhome owner are flat tires and dead batteries. Both of these and many more situations are covered for the tow vehicle, the trailer or caravan and the motorhomes. Other common situation where assistance is provided includes miss fuel, blow fuse, leisure battery replacement, road accident, a vehicle fire and vandalism.

Are all car and caravan breakdown cover policies the same?

There are different levels with caravan and trailer breakdown cover that can be taken out. Basic cover only tows the stricken vehicle to the nearest garage, while nationwide will tow the stricken vehicle to the location of the owner's choice. Know what you want or need and make sure it is in your policy before signing.

Another important factor is where repairs and assistance can be provided. There is roadside assistance, home assistance and caravan park assistance. Know what you need so you can have it included in the policy and be covered. To help you, there is useful information here on how to avoid breakdowns and motorhome breakdown cover to help you answer questions.

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