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European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown cover is not the first thing that might come to mind for those setting off on an adventure on the continent, but it is an important part of the planning process. This type of protection can help turn a potential dreadful problem into just a hiccup when the vehicle has a problem on the road on the continent.

Who would benefit from European Breakdown cover?

This type of roadside help would be beneficial for any traveller in a private or commercial vehicle who is going on an adventure or completing a task on the continent of Europe with a vehicle is registered in the UK.

What types of vehicle can have European Breakdown cover?

The types of vehicles that can have a European breakdown cover include nearly any private vehicle, along with many commercial vehicles. The private vehicles include cars, vans, trucks, campervans, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles. The trucks, campervans, caravans and motorhomes generally have to be 3.5 tonnes or less in weight.

The commercial vehicles include courier vehicles that can be cars, vans or trucks under 3.5 tonnes, taxis and private hire for reward vehicles.

What exactly is European Breakdown cover?

European breakdown cover is assistance when the vehicle that is covered or a person in the vehicle is covered has a problem on the road in Europe. The most common problems that the mechanic can fix on the roadside include the following;

  • Flat tire
  • No fuel
  • Blown fuse
  • Dead battery
  • Broken belt
  • A warning light comes on, this is not covered by all insurance companies

The roadside assistance from most insurance companies provides a mechanic for an hour to fix the problem on the roadside. When the mechanical breakdown or damage from an accident requires more assistance than what it would take a mechanic an hour to fix, the vehicle is then towed to a nearby garage for repairs.

When repairs are not possible due to the extent of the damage or lack of replacement parts, some insurance firms will tow the disabled vehicle back to the UK.

Onward travel is offered in many policies. This is where you and your passengers will be taken to your destination if repairs can’t be made in a short allotment of time.

Car for hire is another option in many policies to replace the disabled vehicle if repairs are to take some time or the vehicle has to be towed back to the UK.

When the keys to the vehicle are lost or stolen is another situation where assistance is provided. This can include replacement keys or even the entire locking system on the vehicle. Each insurance company has its own restrictions for European breakdown cover, so reading the policy to see what is included is important.

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