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To help protect those dearest in your life, you should include family breakdown cover as part of your plan to keep them safe. This insurance will provide the peace of mind that no one in the family will be left alone on the side of the road with a vehicle that will not operate.

What is family breakdown cover?

In general, breakdown cover provides assistance when a vehicle is broken down and can no longer go down the road. Depending on what level of cover you take out, this can include assistance at your home, anywhere in the UK and in Europe. This assistance can be for a flat tire, if you are involved in an accident or the engine just stops, leaving you stranded on the roadside.

A mechanic will be dispatched to your location and provide you with assistance. They will either repair your vehicle or tow the vehicle to a garage. Carry forward can also be included which will take you to your destination while your vehicle is being repaired.

Who qualifies for family breakdown cover?

Anyone who lives at the residence that is stated in the policy can be covered with breakdown insurance. This includes spouses, significant others, children, boarders and even grandparents. The only qualification is they reside at the residence stated in the policy.

How does the protection work?

There are two types of protection for breakdown cover. There is personal breakdown cover and vehicle breakdown cover.

  • Personal covers all named people in the policy, and they are included immaterial of the vehicle they are in that breaks down.
  • Vehicle covers the specific vehicle listed in the policy immaterial of who is driving it.

What vehicles can be covered?

For a vehicle to qualify, it has to be registered with the UK government to the address specified in the policy. This can include cars, vans and even motorbike breakdown cover are available.

Car and caravan breakdown cover is also available, but this has restrictions on the size and weight of the caravan in question. For those with a motorhome, they too can be included.

For residents with a classic or vintage vehicle, there is also breakdown cover for older vehicles.

Your family breakdown cover can be set up any way that best fits your family. You can have named drivers or cover the vehicle, so anyone can drive them and still be protected from that unwanted breakdown while on the road.

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