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GEM Motoring Assist Breakdown

Protect your vehicles today. Get breakdown cover quotes. If you already have a fleet insurance for new business policy, check if breakdown cover is included, if not consider other providers including Gem motoring assist. 

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GEM Motoring Assist Reviewed

What does GEM breakdown services offer?

Since 1978 this motoring organization has offered breakdown assistance to help the stranded motorist. This includes;

  • Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK where repairs will be made or the vehicle is towed to a destination of your choosing in the UK or a repair garage.
  • Home assistance if your vehicle will not start. If repairs are not possible, then it can be towed to a garage.
  • Onward travel assistance when you are broken down on the road 25 miles or more from your home residence and you need to get to your destination. Overnight accommodation can be included if necessary.
  • GEM Club Membership includes free advice, a quarterly magazine related to vehicles and discounts on insurance.

Does GEM offer vehicle Breakdown cover?

With GEM the cover is personal breakdown cover. This means the breakdown cover is valid regardless of the vehicle that you are driving. So cover will extend to driving a motorhome, a motorbikes, small trailer or a van.

What vehicles are covered by Gem Motoring Assist?

Eligible vehicles for GEM breakdown cover include private cars and motorcycles. Also included are vans that weigh less than 2500 kg. Caravans and motorhome breakdown cover is available if they are less than 7 m long and 2.3 m wide. Trailers are also covered if they are less than 3.05 m long and have a standard 50 mm coupling.

Are there any vehicles not covered by Gem Motoring Assist?

Private and public for hire vehicles are not covered by GEM. Any vehicle or trailer used to transport animals, like a horsebox, is also not covered. For this type of cover, you will need to consider specific horsebox insurance with a breakdown policy included.

What covers are offered with GEM breakdown?

There are two options, Recovery EXTRA and Recovery RECLAIM. Both are full comprehensive cover. The difference is how the member pays.

  • Recovery EXTRA no payment when services are rendered.
  • Recovery RECLAIM the member must pay for the services when assistance is rendered then file for reimbursement.

Does Gem Motoring Assist cover include parts?

Gem like all providers of UK breakdown cover does not provide cover for parts. The key cover is roadside assistance by a mechanic who will try and get you back on the road.

What is the cost of Gem Motoring Assist

Recovery Extra

  • Single £80.55 (normally £96.66)
  • 2 people £107.68 (normally £129.21)
  • 3 people £153.91 (normally £184.69)

Recovery Reclaim

  • Single £65.42 (normally £78.50)
  • 2 people £82.39 (normally £98.86)
  • 3 people £119.30 (normally £143.15)

What Customers say

GEM Motoring Assist has been in business protecting stranded motorists in the UK for over 40 years. They have a good reputation for being on time with polite and courteous service.

GEM Motoring Assist Auto Driver Power Survey

Their latest award is they were Number 1 in the Auto Driver Power Survey in 2019, and they are rated with 5 stars from defaqto in 2020.


  • Award-winning all-inclusive breakdown cover
  • Cover for Car, Caravan & Motorhome + Van & Motorcycle
  • Roadside Assistance,Nationwide Recovery,Home Assistance,Onward Travel
  • Unlimited callouts, punctures, flat batteries and running out of fuel are all covered.


  • Roadside cover is capped at one hour after the mechanic arrival time.
  • Other competitors can offer more optional extras than Assist currently offer.

GEM Motoring Assist Smartphone App

Like most, but not all providers of breakdown cover, GEM offer a smartphone app for both Android and Apple. Not the most user-friendly app in the world.

What happens if I break down? – How to contact Gem Motoring Assist

If you need roadside assistance Gem offer contact options by phone or their smart app.

  • By App – Use the GEM Motoring Assist app to inform them of a breakdown.
  • By Phone – Call 0330 999 2505, open 24/7.

* Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check the providers Ts&Cs.

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