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With the right motorbike breakdown cover in place, you will never be left alone to push your cycle down the road because of a mechanical problem. With just a text or phone call, help can be dispatched to your location day or night to assist you in getting back in the wind.

Who needs motorbike breakdown insurance?

Motorbike breakdown cover is designed for anyone who rides in the wind on the roads in the UK. This includes anyone who rides a moped for commuting to the person who rides a cruiser for enjoyment on their time off.

What is motorbike breakdown cover?

A motorbike breakdown policy includes roadside assistance when there is a mechanical problem with the bike when travelling down the road. Whether it is a flat tire, out of fuel or a blown cylinder, assistance will be there to help with a text or phone call reporting the situation. This makes it possible for a mechanic to be dispatched to the scene so that assistance can be rendered.

What types of motorbike breakdown cover are available?

The type of cover you choose is dependent on what you need. There are two basic types, of which one has to be chosen, so the right coverage can be provided.

  • Personal cover is protection for the rider who is named in the policy. This type of policy makes it possible for the person with the protection to ride the bike of their choice. This is advantageous to have for the person who owns more than one motorcycle. Assistance will be provided to this person when a vehicle is broken down. Not only will this cover include motorbikes, but also other vehicles like cars and vans.
  • Vehicle cover is protection for a specific vehicle or vehicles. In this case, it would be a motorbike. The breakdown assistance is dispatched when the motorcycle breaks down independently to who is riding it. This protection can have up to 4 different vehicles listed. They can be motorbikes alone, but can also include cars and vans. The qualifying factor is all of the vehicles are required to be registered to the same address.

in the UK who provides motorbike breakdown cover?

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Are there different levels of motorbike breakdown cover?

Yes, there is basic cover where a mechanic is sent to the disabled bike that is a minimum of 1 mile from the home residence where assistance will be rendered. If the bike is not repairable within an hour, it will be taken to the nearest garage.

Home assistance is an add-on where a mechanic will go to your home and make repairs on the bike.

Nationwide is an add-on where the disabled bike will be transported to the preferred destination of the owner.

European cover is an add-on where breakdown assistance is provided when on the continent.

The right type of motorbike breakdown cover is decided on the person taking out the policy. Either the person or the vehicle is named in the policy, so the type of assistance preferred can be provided. You must also decide on the level that best fits your needs.

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