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European Motorcycle Breakdown Cover Reviews

Motorcycle breakdown cover is helpful for those on the road on a bike that is going no further without being repaired. This coverage can be obtained in two ways. There is one where the bike is covered and one where the driver is covered. The coverage provided for both is the same that includes basic roadside assistance is standard. Electric bike breakdown cover is a new product with only a few providers, as such it may be a better option to see if you can get it included in your electric bike insurance policy.

Why is Motorcycle breakdown cover needed?

Motorbike Breakdown Cover

This is assistance on the road for the motorbike enthusiast who is out riding alone or with others and there is no trail vehicle bringing up the rear. 

Since the motorbike has very little storage and most enthusiasts only carry the stock set of tools that comes with the bike from the factory, the number and types of repairs possible on the road by the rider are severely limited.

With Motorbike breakdown cover providing assistance in making repairs on the bike, it can once again cruise down the road. The most common repairs are blown tire, dead battery, no fuel and a broken drive chain.

What types of motorbike can qualify for motorbike breakdown cover?

All makes and models of motorbikes with a displacement of 49 cc and up can be covered with roadside assistance protection. The only limitation is that the bike has to be 16 years old or newer. 

What is the difference between personal and vehicle motorcycle breakdown cover?

Both provide the same type of assistance, but with a different qualifying approach.

  • Personal motorbike breakdown cover is used by the named person that operates more than one vehicle and needs breakdown cover no matter which vehicle they are using. The vehicles were this cover is valid for can be motorbike, van, car or truck. This cover is also active when borrowing a vehicle.
  • Motorcycle breakdown cover is roadside assistance for the named vehicle independent of who is operating it.

What levels of motorcycle breakdown cover are available?

The below levels of cover are for UK residence only for roadside assistance in the UK only.

  • Standard roadside motorcycle breakdown cover is where a repair vehicle will be sent to the location of the disabled bike, which is at least one-quarter mile from the home residence of the policyholder. If repairs can’t be made, the bike will be towed to a repair shop or address within a 10-mile radius of the breakdown.
  • National roadside motorbike breakdown cover is the same as the standard cover except if the bike can’t be repaired it will be towed to the address of choice independent of the distance. 
  • Home motorcycle breakdown cover is the same as above, but also includes assistance at the residence of the policyholder. 
  • Onward motorcycle breakdown cover includes all the benefits stated above with the added assistance of providing a replacement vehicle so that you can reach your destination. This vehicle in most instances is an economy car. This car hire is available for up to 5 days.

Some insurance companies also provide accommodations instead of car hire. Accommodation is only provided for one night while the motorbike is being repaired.  

European motorbike breakdown cover is also available with the same type of services provided in the UK. The added benefit of this cover is if repairs are not successful or the policyholder wants the bike towed, it can be towed back to the UK. This cover is protection in continental Europe and its outlying islands.

How long does it take before the repair vehicle reaches the motorbike in need of repair?

While each insurance company that offers this type of service have different zones their repair vehicles are assigned too, most repair vehicles arrive at the scene in about 30 minutes. Some even offer a discount if the wait is over an hour. 

How long with the mechanic repair my bike before he has to tow it?

Most repairs can be made in less than an hour. If the repair takes longer than an hour, the motorbike will be towed to where it can be fully repaired. The motorbike breakdown cover is there to help anyone who is on the road with their face in the wind that is in need of repairs on their bike. This makes it possible for the adventure to continue instead of it coming to an end. Whilst you may take out breakdown cover, it is best to avoid having to make use of it. This can be achieved by regular bike maintenance also providing safe motorcycle storage when not being used. 

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