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European Breakdown Cover - Motorhome & Campervan

The Motorhome breakdown cover available today is like having your own personal mechanic on call 24/7. This makes it possible to have peace of mind knowing you will never be left stranded and alone when your motorhome or caravan is disabled on the side of the road. In addition, we can also provide comparative quotes for car and caravan breakdown cover.

What is motorhome breakdown cover?

Motorhome breakdown cover provides assistance on the road when there is a mechanical failure of a motorhome between destinations. This assistance is in the form of a qualified mechanic driving to the location of the breakdown and providing assistance to get your motorhome operational again or have it towed to a suitable repair garage.

Is motorhome European breakdown cover available?

Motorhome breakdown cover is available for both travel in the UK and Europe. The key features of European motorhome breakdown cover with compare breakdown are as follows :

  • Max length : Up to 12.9 meters or 39 feet
  • Weight  & Height : No Weigh or height restrictions
  • Onward travel : Onward Travel is included 

Is there more than one level of motorhome breakdown cover?

Yes, there are different levels of cover a motorhome owner can have. All policies cover basic needs, and many additional services can be added to help make the situation of being broken down easier to deal with.

What is basic motorhome breakdown cover?

Basic cover includes roadside assistance in the UK, where a mechanic will work on your vehicle for up to 60 minutes. Typical repairs include flat tires, out of fuel and battery replacement. If repairs can’t be made on the roadside, a recovery tow truck will be called out and the motorhome will be towed to the nearest repair garage.

What can be added to a basic European motorhome breakdown cover policy?

  • Home assistance can be added where a mechanic can go to your residence and help get your motorhome started.
  • National recovery is a service where your disabled motorhome will be recovered and taken to a repair station of your choice or your home residence.
  • Onward travel is an optional service that will provide a means for you and the other occupants of the motorhome to travel to your destination. It can also include accommodations if needed.
  • Motorhome European breakdown cover is available for those going to the continent. This is close to the same as breakdown cover in the UK where a mechanic will be dispatched to your location. If repairs can’t be made locally the motorhome can be towed back to the UK. You will also have the option of being taken to your final destination if you prefer. This can include a for hire vehicle.

Repatriation (European cover only)

If you choose European motorhome breakdown cover insurance with Compare Breakdown Cover,  they will include repatriation. Repatriations is an import lament of the Euro cover and if your motorhome can not be repaired then your provider may be able to arrange the motorhome and occupants plus driver to be transported back to the UK. It will be based on distance, and they may choose to wait until fixed and then pay the costs for you to return and drive home the motorhome. 

European motorhome breakdown cover is available for any size motorhome or caravan. This assistance is just a text or phone call away and is available day and night all year long, even on holidays. With it, you will never be alone when your motorhome becomes disabled.

Motorhome Manufacturers Insurance

The panel of insurance brokers that we can provide access to are able to arrange motorhome insurance for all motorhome and campervan makes and models including, Teardrop, Hobby, Airstream and Swift and others listed below.

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