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What is Personal Breakdown Cover

Personal breakdown cover is the type of assistance that can help a driver or rider of any vehicle they are operating when it becomes disabled on a road in the UK. This is a driver specific type of cover, so a person will never be alone on the road with a vehicle that is not operational. This type of cover is also referred to as family car breakdown cover or simply family breakdown cover.

Is personal breakdown cover for any vehicle age available?

Quotes are available from the AA and the RAC for any age vehicle, Both the RAC and the AA do not impose an age limit on the vehicles. Most other breakdown of personal breakdown cover will impose a 15 or a 16-year age limit, but not the AA and the RAC.

Who would have personal breakdown cover?

Personal breakdown cover is designed to help provide roadside assistance to a person who is not only on the road a great deal of time, but in different vehicles. This type of cover has a named person and not a vehicle, so no matter what vehicle breaks down if the named person is in it, roadside assistance will be rendered.

Family Breakdown Cover

Family Breakdown Cover is designed for families and will let you add 3 or more people to the policy. As such, you can add the whole family and get cover for all the cars in the household. So each person is covered regardless of which car they choose to drive. This makes it a very popular option over the more traditional car specific breakdown cover.

Personal breakdown cover is not only limited to cars, but can include motorbikes and vans if at the same address. So you can choose to take out traditional motorbike breakdown cover or if you live with other people you can also choose family cover. The personal breakdown cover can include the motorbikes and other vehicles of the family members that live at the same address.

Breakdown cover for older vehicles up to 15 years can be included in a personal breakdown policy.

What is the advantage of having personal breakdown cover?

The vehicle that becomes disabled on the road can be owned by the named person of the vehicle or can be owned by someone else. The named person can also be just a passenger in the vehicle that breakdown. That vehicle is also eligible to receive roadside assistance, just as long as the named person in the policy is present when the mechanic arrives on the scene of the disabled vehicle.

Personal cover is also very handy to have for a person that commutes daily to work, but rides or drives for leisure in off work hours in another vehicle.

What can be included in the basic personal breakdown cover?

  • Roadside assistance where repairs can last up to an hour. The breakdown must be a minimum of 1 mile away from the home residence of the named person in the policy.
  • Towing of the disabled vehicles to a garage that is within 10 miles of the breakdown.
  • Recovery of the vehicle to a garage within 10 miles after an accident.
  • Key and lock assistance.
  • Family or friends at the destination of the named person will be contacted with a detailed message for the delay.
  • Onward travel to the original destination just as long as it is in the UK.

What are the add-ons for personal breakdown cover?

Nationwide breakdown add-on makes it possible for the disabled vehicle to be taken to the chosen destination of the named person in the policy. The only restriction is that the destination must be in the UK.

Home assistance provides for roadside assistance to occur at the residence of the named person in the policy.

The use of personal breakdown cover can benefit a person who has more than one vehicle. It is also useful for a person who carpools regularly. With this type of insurance, help is just a text or phone call away, no matter what vehicle breakdown.

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