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This Rescuemycar review looks at what this alternative to the better known and larger breakdown insurance firms have to offer the UK public. They are part of the Jigsaw Insurance Services that opened their doors in 2000.

What does Rescuemycar have to offer?

Rescuemycar offers both vehicle and personal breakdown protection. There is no upper limit to the number of call-outs per year. All cars 25 years old and newer that weigh less than 3,500 kg, less than 7 m long are eligible for this cover.

What types of plans does Rescuemycar have?

Rescue 1

  • The roadside repairs can last up to 1 hour, then the vehicle will be towed to a garage within 10 miles of the breakdown location if the vehicle is not made road worth.
  • Up to 7 passengers including driver will be transported to the garage if repairs can’t be made on the roadside.
  • This package requires the payment of an excess.

Rescue 2

  • Same as rescue 1, in addition the vehicle will be towed to a destination in the UK of the owner’s choosing.
  • This package requires the payment of an excess.

Rescue 3

  • Same as rescue 2, but there is no excess to pay.

Are there any optional add-ons from Rescuemycar?

Yes, there are two add-ons to choose from so you can have the protection you need including home assistance and European cover.

Home assistance repairs to your vehicle that is at your home residence or within 1 mile of it. If repairs can’t be made, then the vehicle will be towed to a local garage.

European breakdown cover is the same as Rescue 1 but covers Europe instead of the UK. The time limit to be in Europe for 1 trip is 31 days and no more than 90 days annually.

What is not covered by Rescuemycar?

  • For vehicles towing a caravan or trailer, if the breakdown is caused by the caravan or trailer, repairs of it are not covered.
  • If claims made by a member total more than £10,000 annually, nothing above that amount will be covered.
  • No call-outs in the first 24 hours of taking out the policy.

This Rescuemycar review shows they offer the same services as others in this industry. They have been around for 20 years now and have made a mark by offering their services at a lower cost than what the major players in this industry are offering. They have employed 4,000 recovery experts to assist you when you are stranded by the roadside.

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