RAC temporary car insurance

Compare RAC Temporary Van and Car insurance with the UK Market

  • Available for 1 hour to 4 weeks
  • Drivers aged 17-25
  • Comprehensive Insurance
temp learner driver car insurance
  • Available for 1 hour to 28 days
  • Drivers aged 18-75
  • Comprehensive Insurance
temp under 21 young driver car insurance
  • Available for 1 hour to 28 days
  • Drivers aged 21-75
  • Comprehensive Insurance
temp van insurance

RAC temporary car insurance

The RAC temporary car insurance is available for those going on a holiday who want roadside assistance just in case their vehicle malfunctions. It is also taken out by people that are going on a short trip in a rented or borrowed vehicle and want this type of protection just in case. This type of cover is often referred to as short-term breakdown cover.

How long can RAC temporary van insurance be taken out for?

Every insurance company has their own time restraints, but there are some that will cover a vehicle for as little as one hour. The longest time this type of protection can be taken out for is 31 days.

Why would I need temporary breakdown insurance?

There are many reasons to choose RAC temporary car insurance. The most common are below.

  • If you are borrowing a van or truck so you can move an item or all of your belongings.
  • When heading out on a trip of some distance for a holiday or vacation.
  • Borrowing a vehicle while yours is being repaired.
  • Transporting a vehicle to be sold or has just been purchased.

What is included in temporary breakdown cover?

There are three main options in cover for this short time protection.

  • Roadside assistance in the UK is where a mechanic is dispatched to your location and will repair the vehicle for up to 1 hour, or the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. This can include home residence, but not always.
  • Carry onward protection in the UK is where you will be taken to your destination if your vehicle breaks down and requires an overnight stay or longer for repairs.
  • European breakdown cover, where you will receive both roadside assistance and carry onward if your vehicle is no longer functioning. It can also include bringing the non-working vehicle back to the UK.

One decision that has to be made is if personal breakdown cover is to be used or vehicle cover will be chosen. With vehicle cover will allow anyone to be the driver, but is more expensive.

What determines the cost of RAC temporary car insurance?

The age of the driver and their driving record reflects on the cost of this cover. The vehicle’s age, its maintenance and repair record also plays into the costs. Other factors are the length of the cover and the level of cover.

Remember, RAC temporary car insurance is extra protection when on the road. You will also have to have as a minimum Third Party only cover to operate the vehicle legally on the roads in both the UK and Europe.

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