Looking after your ebike

Using an electric bicycle is a cheaper, easier, and more environmentally friendly way of getting around town compared to cars. However, without proper maintenance, you could end up regretting your decision to invest in an electric bicycle. This is why it is important to make sure you have electric bike insurance  in place for protection.  The level of Personal injury cover can be adjusted upwards if required. 

Unlike normal bicycles, where all you have to worry about it the mechanical aspect of your bicycles, you have to also maintain the electric components of your electric bike.

Ebike Battery Care

A battery is an important part of electric bicycles, and you need to use it properly if you want the e-bike to last you for some time. Replacement batteries for e-bikes can be quite expensive. Most electric bicycles you will find on the market today come with a lithium-ion battery. However, some come with other batteries like lithium polymer, nickel cadmium, and more. You need to ensure that you are charging the electric bicycle the proper way. And you don't have to wait until the battery is empty before you recharge. Read the instruction manual that came with your electric bicycle if you have any doubt about how to charge it correctly.

Regular Ebike Cleaning

One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your electric bicycle is to clean it regularly. There is no rule for cleaning a bicycle. It depends on how frequently you use it. If you use it often, obviously you will need to clean it more regularly. Cleaning your electric bike involves removing the mud, dust, and other dirt that could get into the motor, battery, chain or your wheels. When cleaning an electric bicycle, it is not advisable to use a high-pressure hose or lots of water. The water could easily get into the electrical systems in your e-bike and spoil it. You are better off using a wet rag to clean the dirt around the electrical components of your bicycle. Only use running water to clean the mechanical parts when necessary. As a rule, remove your batteries each time you want to use water to clean your e-bike.

To maintain your electric bicycle, you have to ensure all the small components are in good working condition. Usually, it is the little things we neglect that can cause more trouble than the major components that you are always checking. So, for example, you need to keep your chain well lubricated. Failure to lubricate would make the chain rust as well as wear-and-tear. You can lubricate your bike once every week or every time you clean it. Also, you need to check your tire pressure from time-to-time and also make sure all your screws and bolts are not getting loose.

Remove Battery if not using your E-Bike

The best way to care for your electric bicycle is to clean it thoroughly after every ride. This way, it is ready the next time you need to use it. If you are not going to be using your e-bicycle for a long time, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. On the fence and asking, are electric bikes worth it? We hope this article has helped you understand that are relatively easy to look after.

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