Mountain Bike Insurance (MTB)

Public Liability cover for accidents, New for Old replacement if New bike is stolen and is less than 3 years old

Mountain Bike Insurance (Electric and Standard MTB)

Electric bikes are fast becoming a must-have form of transport. Electric mountain bikes are perfect for steep climbs or if riding in a group and need a little extra push to keep up with the rest. New legislation was introduced in 2015 which increased the maximum power to 250W, making them even more appealing to mountain bikers. These bikes are not cheap, and you should take out a separate electric mountain bike policy to cover for theft or damage. Normal household insurance offers very limited cover, please check with your own house policy to confirm conditions of cover, if indeed they are included.

Many people who have homeowners insurance falsely believe their mountain bike will be considered as content under that policy. In nearly all cases, if your MTB it is not specifically declared in the homeowner's policy, it will not be covered.

MTB Mountain Bike Insurance Options

This type of mountain bike insurance will protect the owner of the bike and the bike itself, just like a motor vehicle insurance policy. The following items  are typical included in an MTB policy;

  • Accidental damage to your bike is covered when you are involved in a crash with another bike or motor vehicle, or the bike is vandalized. This includes repairs to your bike unless the damage is extensive, then the bike is replaced. Average protection is up to £12,500, but higher is available for the competitive bikes.
  • Theft is covered if your bike is stolen out of your home or in public. Average protection is up to £12,500, but higher is available for the competitive bike.
  • Physio and Dental coverage is protection for you if you get a sprained muscle and need therapy or damage to your teeth while riding, and you make contact with a hard object. This coverage is typically coverage up to £250.
  • Public Liability insurance is protection against a claim made against you by a third party for damages while riding your mountain bike. This coverage can be as high as £2 million.
  • Accessory protection to help cover the costs of the items on your bike and any personal items you were carrying that become damaged or stolen while you are out on a ride or parked. This protection can be as high as £250 to help replace helmets, lights, knee pads, masks, goggles and other like material.
  • Permanent injury coverage is to help you recover from an accident that leaves a lifelong mark on your body, like a broken leg or fractured skull. This coverage is typically up to £10,000.
  • Personal accident protection will help you get back on your feet if you are involved in an accident and have a minor injury.

Are there additional items that can be covered in a mountain bike insurance policy?

Mountain bikes are more than just an option for commuting and exercise, they are also involved in competitive events. The additional coverage will protect those in competition at home and abroad. This insurance includes the standard protection as stated above along with the following;

  • Coverage in Europe for 30 consecutive days.
  • Protection while in the competition or a charity event to cover the cost of injuries or damages to the bike.
  • Theft protection while the mountain bike is being transported to an event.
  • Permanent injury protection has an upper limit of £15,000.

Can I expect any type of discount on Mountain Bike Insurance?

The typical discount being offered by most mountain bike insurance companies is when you insure more than one bike. An average discount is up to 60% off for each additional policy after the first policy is issued.

Multi Mountain Bike Insurance

Mountain bike insurance  can be expensive and if you have more than one then you need to look at multi bike mountain insurance. This is normally on offer with all providers of mountain bike insurance and is offered as a discount when adding additional bikes. So insurance for 2 mountain bikes will be cheaper than taking out separate insurance policies

Compare Mountain Bike Insurance at Renewal Time

With the ease of getting mount bike insurance comparison quotes it makes sense to always check for a  better deal when it comes renewal time.

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