Campervan Hire Excess Insurance Explained

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"If you rent a car, you will be familiar with car hire excess and how the local company will pressure you to take out local daily cover to reduce or completely waiver the excess amount. This is also true if you decide on a campervan hire holiday. Many campervan rental companies like RVRentacampervan will let you prepurchase an excess insurance policy to cover any local excess." 

If you are planning a campervan holiday by renting a campervan you need to be aware of the additional costs. Some costs are obvious if you are also hiring additional camping gear, road bikes or child seats for example these will normally be at an additional price. If you are renting off a campervan hire company, they will have self drive van hire insurance fleet policy. This self hire insurance provides insurance cover to those that they rent their motorhomes out to.

If you are renting from an individual, it is unlikely that they will have self drive hire insurance, so you need to check and proceed with caution before proceeding with any rental agreement. It may be the case that you will need to take out your own temporary motorhome insurance to cover the rental vehicle.

Assuming that the rental agent has the correct insurance, they will still hold you responsible for an excess amount. Similar to car hire excess, this is the amount that you would be held liable for in the event of a claim that was deemed to be your fault. This amount is high, ins some cases over £3,000.  This is an alarming amount, and the idea is that you feel forced to take out the additional daily insurance to reduce or waiver this large excess amount.  This will quickly add more to your rental than you first thought.  

The solution for many savvy campers is to prepurchase an excess insurance policy that will cover the excess amount prior to picking up your campervan rental. The downside if any is that you would still be billed for any damage, but you could then claim it back through your own excess policy. Solution.  

What to expect in a typical excess campervan insurance policy

  • Covers the excess on the rental agreement up to an upper limit example £2,500
  • Includes cover for tyres, windscreen, under body damage, towing and loss of use plus other benefits
  • Vehicles up to 7.5 Tonnes which includes fixed sleeping or cooking facilities, with a value up to £100,000 (excluding tax) at the hire agreement’s start date and is a maximum of 20 years old since the date of first registration.
  • Cover for the hired vehicle keys
  • Some will have hire agreements up to 45 days in length
  • Most will offer cover for UK, Europe or Worldwide

Typical Exclusion with an excess campervan insurance policy

  • Any rental agreement that has already commenced.
  • The first £350 of any Excess Reimbursement claim.
  • Any delayed claim which results in the insurer's position being prejudiced. 
  • Any loss or damage to the interior of the rental campervan or motorhome
  • This cover is for a campervan or motorhome only, it DOES not cover other the hire of a car, van and minibus.

Typical Campervan and motorhome hire insurance qualifying requirements

  • You must be aged between the ages of 23 and 84 years old.
  • You must hold a valid internationally recognised driving licence or permit for the hire vehicle. This must be valid in all countries in which you are travelling.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the UK, Jersey, Gibraltar, Guernsey or the Isle of Man at the time of purchase of this policy.
ProviderExcess Cover LimitPurchaseExcess on ExcessDrivers AgeFrom per Day
Questor£2,500Buy Online Now £350Between 23-84£8.44
InsuremyvanhireNot AvailableFull Cover21-85 inclusive£10.99
ReducemyExcessNot AvailableFull Cover£12
icarhireinsuranceNot Available£100 - £200£13.99
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