Can You Insure A Car Without An MOT?

Last updated by on  March 13th, 2022

Without an MOT the vast majority of cars cannot be insured. A car that has insurance, but no MOT will not be covered in the event of an accident, as the policy will be invalidated.

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, who were in charge of the original tests carried out on cars to see if they were roadworthy. The test is used in much the same way today, only that the Ministry of Transport no longer exists.

In general, all cars need an MOT after 3 years from manufacture and then again every year to be roadworthy. Some cars, however, often people carrying vehicles, will need to get their MOT before three years from manufacture, such as large taxis that require an MOT just one year after manufacture. A few exceptions, as mentioned below, will not need an MOT at all.

The only way you can drive your car without an MOT is if:

Exceptions To The Rule

There are a few logical exceptions to clear up. The only times that you can drive and insure a regular car without an MOT, are if the car is without MOT and being driven to a garage or test centre. For this journey, you must have insurance. 

The specific and rare exceptions to this rule are goods vehicles run on electricity, tractors, and classic cars older than 40 years. These types of vehicles will not need an MOT, but will need to be insured with at least third party motor insurance, which will likely be handled by a specialist.

What is the penalty for driving without an MOT?

The penalty for driving without an MOT is a fine. The fine can be up to   £1,000 if the MOT has expired or found driving on a failed MOT test, plus 3 penalty points. This is a serious offence, and you could be banned from driving.

Is my car insurance valid without an MOT?

Car insurance is not valid if you drive a car without an MOT.  In this situation you are effectively driving without road insurance  which can  result in a £300 fine and up to six penalty points. Depending on the actual circumstances, you could also be banned from driving.  

Can I drive to my MOT test without insurance or car tax?

You can drive to an MOT appointment without road tax, but you need minimum of third party car insurance

Can I drive my car if it fails the MOT?

If your car fails the MOT on some minor issues, you can drive the vehicle home. However, if the car fails as a result of a major safety issue you will be advised that the car is unfit to drive, and you must arrange to either get the car fixed at the MOT location or have it towed to a nearby garage to carry out the necessary repairs.

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