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Guide to police officers & Law enforcement Staff Car Insurance

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When insurance providers calculate your car insurance premium, they consider how likely you are to make a claim and how substantial your claim could be. To make this assessment, car insurance providers consider a number of factors, including what you do for a living. Therefore, they may ask about your job title when preparing an insurance quote because it is an important indicator of you and your possible driving habits.

Some occupations are considered high-risk and attract expensive insurance, while others are low-risk and qualify for cheaper car insurance. If you happen to be a police officer, this may be good news for you because, for most insurers, members of the police force fall into the low-risk occupation as they are less likely to make an at-fault insurance claim.

What is Police Officers' Car Insurance?

Car insurance for police officers, sometimes referred to as car insurance for cops, is a policy that most insurance providers have specifically designed for members of the police force. This policy usually comes with a cheaper insurance premium than regular car insurance, as it reflects the low-risk nature of the police occupation or law enforcement staff. 

What is the Cost of Car Insurance for Police Officers?

The cost of insurance for police officers will vary for different providers. Typically, police officers' car insurance is cheaper than other types of car insurance because insurers believe that the nature of police officers' jobs and training makes them less likely to be involved in a car accident. Police officers undergo advanced driving training like Incident Response Vehicle (IRV) Use, Advanced Driving, Advanced TPAC, and road traffic legislation which makes them better drivers who are more aware of the rules of the road. This training makes them less of a risk behind the wheel of a car, and it is often reflected in the cost of their car insurance policies.

However, there's no rule that guarantees that all insurance policies for police officers must be cheap because terms and conditions vary with different providers, and the variables that may be considered for one individual may not apply to another. Therefore, the cost of car insurance for police officers depends on a wide range of factors, including whether you insure your car on a third-party basis, your car type, your age, your service location, your driving record, the kind of policy you opt for, and more.v

If you work in law enforcement or the NHS, you are viewed as a low risk, and that means a police officer without prior driving convictions will get cheaper car insurance than those in other professions or trades.

Levels of police officers car insurance available

Your level of coverage as a police officer will depend on the type of car insurance policy you opt for. In the UK, there are three major types of car insurance policies available, and they include:

Third party

Third-Party-Only Car Insurance: This is the basic form of car insurance and the minimum level of coverage required by law in the UK. This type of car insurance policy doesn't cover for any damage to your own vehicle, but it takes care of damages and injuries to other people and their property.

Third party Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire, and theft Insurance: Similarly, this policy type offers the same coverage included in the third-party-only car insurance plus additional coverage for you if you experience loss or damage to your vehicle due to theft or fire.


Comprehensive Car Insurance: On the other hand, Comprehensive Car Insurance has the highest level of coverage. It takes care of everything within the third party, fire, and theft policy and may cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle, no matter what the cause of the accident may be.

Do Female police officers qualify for cheaper car insurance

This was the case, but it was based on the fact that female drivers were less likely to be involved in road accidents and make fewer high value claims. A EU directive also made it illegal to offer cheaper insurance based on gender alone.  

Even ruling out gender, females drivers on average will get cheap car insurance as they have a better score of on other factors sued to calculate car insurance, fewer if any penalty points, less driving conviction especially sp30 convictions.  This data enables insurance companies to charge less for insurance and still cover their risk.

Does it Make a Difference to My Car Insurance if I Work for a Metropolitan Police Station?

Typically, police officers in urban UK cities like Manchester, London, or Bristol may pay more for their car insurance than police officers in rural stations. This may be because of the risk potential that the insurer places on urban cities due to the high propensity for vehicle accidents or losses compared to rural locations. 

How Can I Get Car Insurance for Police Officers?

You can get UK police car insurance from most insurers in the UK. To get the best insurance policy for your car as a police officer, you may want to compare quotes from different providers for all three levels of coverage. You can also make use of the comparison tool below to find the right police car insurance for your needs.  The select panel also offers police home insurance, police life insurance and motorbike insurance quotes

Police Officers Car Insurance - Keeping Down The Costs

Some simple steps to getting a better deal on police officers car insurance.

  • Agree to park your vehicle off-road in a garage or driveway with gate.
  • Add tracker and additional safety devices that are insurance approved.
  • Get Multiple quotes from specialist providers of police officer car insurance
  • If you are currently driving a car in a high insurance category, consider swapping to a car in group 7 or group 8.
  • Agree a higher voluntary insurance excess, but keep in mind this is the amount that you will have to pay should an accident occur, and you are found to be at fault.
  • Pay Annually, whilst month pay monthly car insurance is less of a burden, most suppliers charge a premium for this option.
  • Black Box : Adding a black box that will record how you drive can be help bring down the cost of car insurance, especially for young police officers that have not had time to build a good history of no claims. Most provides of car insurance will also offer no black box insurance if you feel being monitored is too much of an invasion of privacy.

Job Title plays a role in the premium calculation , but it is important to answer this question correctly, as providing false information can void your policy. 

Home, Life and Car Insurance Comparison

Select the insurance product from the droop down menu, below to get connected with providers of law enforcements insurance products, including police officer car insurance! 

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