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Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and NI. Driving without the correct type of car insurance can led to disqualification, fines and penalty points. The legal minimum is third party cover. The most common and cheapest type of cover is SDP (Social Domestic Pleasure). These types are referred to "class of use" and simply means the intended use. It is important to provide any preselective insurance provide the correct information and if you later intend to change usage, example from SDP to SDP and business use you are obliges to inform your insurance provider in advance. Failure to do so, can equate to driving without insurance.   

What are the different car insurance classes of use?

1. Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP)

This is simply everyday driving, going to the shops, dropping the kids to school, social and leisure outings are some typical examples 

2. Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting (SDP+C)

This is the next most requested usage cover and includes SDP plus allow you to commute to and from work. Please note, if your work entails visiting clients, then you most likely need the next level of usage cover that includes business usage.

3. Personal business use (SDPC + business use)

The third level of cover includes the above two, plus business usage, The business usage is split into 3 sub levels as details below.

  • Class1 Business Usage  : Required if you will be using your car for business purpose, example travelling or visiting clients. The opposite of just travelling to work and home from work. 
  • Class 2 Business Usage : An extension of class 1 business use that allow an additional driver to use the vehicle for business purposes. 
  • Class 3 Business Usage : If you are using your car or vehicle extensively for business use, then this level of cover be required. Your broker can advise you further. A sales rep would be a good example of the type of job that would need this type of extended business use cover.
  • Commercial Use  : this type of cover is required if you are using your vehicle to perform your job, examples include taxi and private hire drivers, chauffeurs, and delivery drivers

Did you know? COVID-19 changed the way we shop with a surge in buying online with doorstep delivery.  This in turn has led to demand for delivery drivers from firms like Amazon, Just eat and Deliveroo. Before taking a delivery gig, make sure you have the correct level of cover, SDP will bot cover you for courier work.

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance has always been in demand, but it is not until recently that it has become widely available. Popular products include temporary car insurance for drivers under 21 and 24 hour van insurance, both available with Goshorty Insurance.

What does car insurance depend on UK?

The price of pay monthly car insurance in the UK and NI will mostly depend on the driver and the car to be insured. We will look at factors about you (the driver) that will play a pivotal role in determining your final annual or monthly premium

The age of the driver

Young drivers pose additional risk to the insurance company and this will be reflected in the price of pay monthly car insurance for drivers under 25 or drivers without driving experience. It is a fact born by statistics that young drivers, male in particular, are involved in a higher number of road accidents. In addition, these accidents tend to be more serious than drivers over 25 with experience.  In 2018 the government introduced "graduated driving licence" to restricting new drivers to only carry passengers that are family members. Whilst this would likely have reduced the number of road accidents, it was scrapped because many new diver need to be to commute to and from work.

The Vehicle

With respect to insurance, cars fall into one of 50 different insurance categories agreed within the insurance industry. Every car will belong to one of these 50 insurance groups. Cars in the first group (group 1) are the cheapest to insurance, whilst cars in the highest group will be the most expensive cars to insure and will include luxury performance cars. Young drivers should consider selecting a car from the lower insurance groups to help bring down the cost of their insurance.

The Vehicle Excess

Most insurance products, if not all, will come with an excess amount. This excess is the amount that you as the driver will be responsible for in the event of a claim against the policy. In order to reduce your insurance, you can agree to increase this amount in return for a cheaper insurance quote. This process is also refereed to as the voluntary excess.  

Your driving history

If you have a history of making claims against your insurance policy, this is not a good indicator to the insurance broker. As such, a history of insurance claims will have a negative impact on how you are perceived in terms of risk by any potential insurance provider. In short, expect to pay more if you have a history of making claims, and expect a cheaper quote if you have a good driving history.

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