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If you live in Leicester and own a vehicle, obtaining car insurance is essential to enable you to drive legally. The minimum legal requirement is third-party cover. However, you also have the option to choose a more extensive coverage, such as third party, fire and theft, or fully comprehensive. Opting for a fully comprehensive policy ensures coverage for all types of accidents (even if you are at fault), as well as protection against fire and vehicle theft.

Car Insurance Leicester– Compare Cheap Quotes

If you live in Leicester and are looking for cheap car insurance, We can provide you with access to a range of quotes from a panel of insurance brokers.

In order to get the best deal on any insurance policy, it’s vital that you compare quotes from a wide range of insurance companies.

Take a moment to compare quotes and discover the cheapest monthly car insurance options not only in Leicester, but other key locations including Birmingham, Bradford, car insurance Manchester and many others. Additionally, consider reaching out directly to the car insurance companies that are not on comparison sites, and take steps to reduce your risk profile.

  • Cover available for all drivers young, old with and without convictions
  • Polices can be tailored to your requirements
  • Flexible payment options
  • One short form – save time & money

Levels of Leicester Car Insurance Available and cover inlcluded

Like taxi and private car hire insurance, Leicester car insurance is available at three different levels, from basic third party to full comprehensive cover.

Third party

Third party cover provides the minimum level of cover required by law. This type of cover will only pay out to cover the repair or replacement of other peoples’ vehicles, damage to other people's property, including injury. This is the most basic cover and does provide cover to your own vehicle if in an accident, damaged by fire or stolen

Third party Fire and Theft

This level of cover provides minimum third party cover, but will pay out for the repair of your own vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or for the cost of replacement if it’s stolen.


This level of cover includes all of the above cover but also, importantly, includes cover for any damage to your car even if you were at fault. Fully comprehensive policies may also provide minimum third party coverage to a trailer or caravan being towed. 

Did you know?  Getting multiple quotes can help you save on car insurance  

Types of insurance you can compare with Multi Quote Time in Leicester

Whilst most of you may be searching for cheap car insurance in Bradford, we can also access to a panel of insurance provider that offer different styles of car insurance including:

… the list continues as can offer quotes from over 60 different types of car insurance styles. Click Here to Compare Over 100 Different Insurers

Leicester Car Insurance Brokers

Leicester Insurance BrokkersAddressContact
Bale Insurance Brokers (Leicester) Limited109a King Richards Road
Leicester, LE3 5QG
Telephone: 0116 262 1304
Berkeley Insurance Group UK Ltd1st Floor, 2 Colton Square, Leicester LE1 1QHTelephone: 0116 261 4747
Amber Insurance Management42 London Rd, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5DHTelephone: 0116 222 8290
Albright Bishop Rowley Ltd207 Barkby Rd, Leicester LE4 9HZPhone: 0116 272 0002
Abaco Insurance Brokers2 Lewis Ct, Enderby, Leicester LE19 1SDTelephone :0116 281 5960
Lawrence Smith Specialist Car Consultant and Broker1st Floor, Gateway House, Grove Business Park, 4 Penman Way, Enderby, Leicester LE19 1SY07973 129824
Cornerstone Business Insurance Ltd8 Princess Rd W, Leicester LE1 6TP0116 344 0040

Factors that influence car insurance premiums in Leicester

Usually, car insurance quotes vary for different clients, depending on special circumstances. Here are some of those factors that can influence your motor insurance quotes in Manchester:


Postcodes with a higher chance of vehicle theft, crime, and damage have higher insurance quotes. For obvious reasons, it influences the possibility of you being a victim of vehicle crimes. In Manchester, there are nine vehicle crimes per 1000 persons annually.

However, the safest places to live and drive around in Manchester are M18 and M23. They have less than 5 vehicle crimes per 1000 persons. On the other hand, M3 and M4 have higher vehicle crime rates, as high as 35 per 1000 persons.


Quotes for young drivers can be as high as three times the quotes for experienced and older drivers. Here’s why: age is a good way to determine experience and carefulness while driving. 

Driving history

If you have a history of vehicle offences and driving convictions, your convicted driver insurance premiums will be higher. When you compare quotes, you will notice that a clean driving record helps you save money.

If you have a valid CCJ against you and are in desperate need of credits, you have to take the necessary steps to pay the debt as soon as possible. You might try confronting your creditor amicably to negotiate a repayment plan that works for you both. Clearing your debt within the specified timeframe will improve your credit score. It will also make it easier for you to obtain more credit in the future.

Policy type

If you want cheap car insurance quotes, consider a basic 3rd party coverage option, which is often cheaper than comprehensive car insurance, although with less coverage. We advise getting quotes for all level of cover, as sometimes comprehensive cover can work out cheaper than third part! The reason is that some insurance companies are getting wise to bad drivers opting for third party cover, and they actually end up paying out more on claims than cars that are fully covered.

Tips to get Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes in Leicester

Saving money on your car insurance policy in Manchester follows a similar guideline as in other regions in the UK. Follow the tips below to make sure you get the best price for your car Insurance in Midlands!

  • Increase Excess : This is the amount that you will be liable for in the event of any claim, this can be increased in return for a reduced price, but reemeber you will have to pay this out if you do need to claim.
  • Explore insurance discounts : Look out for special offers or consider installing a black box if you feel that the data would help lower your insurance costs. 
  • Drive Safely : Keep a good driving record and reduce speeding tickets
  • Keep a Good Credit Score : If you have a bad credit score, work on improving your credit score
  • Make Security Improvements: Example by installing approved security devices like an alarm or immobiliser. Simple actions that help to reduce the risk of damage or theft can lower your insurance cost.
  • Choose to pay Annually: Whilst for many monthly car insurance makes budgeting easier, it is possible to pay insurance as a one off annual payment. This should help reduce the overall costs, as most insures will add an interest charges on monthly premium payments.
  • Don't Over Insure : Example if you have a new car breakdown cover will likey be included for the first few years, so no need to include that in your insurance policy.  
  • Improve your driving skills: Take part in an advanced driving course such as Pass Plus or install a black box to prove to the insurance provider that  you are a considerate and safe driver. For those that prefer no black box insurance for matters of privacy, this may the solution.

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Car Insurance Leicester

Leicester Car Insurance FAQs

Can I drive Another car on my insurance if I have Comprehensive Cover?

You will only be able to drive another car if you have been added as an additional named driver. If you do need to drive another car on a temporary basis, consider taking out GoShorty temporary car insurance, this also protects the owner's no claim's history.

What types of cars can I Get insure for?

Insurance is available for all types of cars including that could be viewed as standard, but insurance is also available for:

4x4 cars

Modified cars

Import cars

Should I pay for my car insurance Monthly or as a one-off Annual payment 

All insurance providers will off you this choice and decision should be based on what suits you best.

In most cases paying car insurance monthly will work out slight more expensive as interest fees may be added, there are exceptions so check with your proposed provider

**51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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