Car seized for no insurance: How to get it back from the police pound

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Car seized for no insurance: How to get it back from the police pound

Driving without vehicle insurance in the UK is a very serious offence, and should not be taken lightly. Suppose you make the mistake of driving without renewing your car insurance, how can you go about it? We are here to help.

At Multi Quote Time, we not only care about offering you best deals and cheap insurance options. We also take interest in offering invaluable insights on the impact of being caught without valid vehicle insurance and how to get your car released.

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Can your car be seized by a police officer for no insurance?

Yes, it can. By virtue of Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act, 1988, the police can seize any vehicle driven without a valid driving licence.

How do the police find out if you drive without a car insurance?

If the UK police suspect you are driving without a valid vehicle insurance, they’ll check the Motor Insurance Database. If they confirm their suspicion, they will issue a penalty notice, a standard £300 fine, and six penalty points on your licence.

Within their discretion, they have reasonable grounds to take matters to court. Afterwards, they seize your vehicle and take it to a police compound alongside other impounded vehicles. They’ll give you a seizure notice, leaving you to find your way home.

Consequences of being caught driving without insurance or valid driving licence

If you are caught without vehicle insurance, you may be subject to:

  • Legal penalties only
  • Financial penalties only
  • Both financial and legal penalties. Check more details of the consequences for driving without proper insurance below:

Financial consequences of driving without insurance 

Driving without vehicle insurance in the UK will cause you to incur major fines. Besides the standard £300, you may yet incur more costs like speeding tickets. Initially, you will have to pay a £150 release fee to get your vehicle from the police. Additionally, there are daily storage charges on your impounded vehicle as high as £20 per day.

A long-term financial effect is on your future insurance premiums. If you have a conviction for driving without insurance on your record, you’ll be considered a high-risk driver. As such, insurers will charge you higher for your bad credit.

Legal consequences of driving without Insurance

Besides paying a lot to get your vehicle back or being without your car for some time, you should be more worried about the legal sanctions which may vary depending on the sitting court. You could face a criminal conviction, which would be on your next driving licence, increasing your subsequent insurance premiums because of your convicted drivers insurance. Having a criminal conviction can also affect your chances of getting a job, alongside other effects.

Again, you may lose your driving licence, as it’s within the discretion of the court, especially if you’re a repeat offender. if your vehicle has been seized and you fail to provide an arranged valid insurance plan and pay the fine, the court can decide to destroy or sell your vehicle.

What do I need to bring to be able to release my vehicle?

  • The penalty ticket or seizure notice
  • Proof of insurance for a minimum of 30 days
  • Proof of identity passport / driving licence
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (V5 registration document)
  • Proof of address (utility / council tax bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months)
  • Valid MOT certificate
  • The actual impound release fee

How to retrieve your car from the police station

You can get your impounded car back if you follow the right process. To go about it, contact the relevant authority in charge of your seized vehicle and gather the necessary documentation and information to understand the situation. Also, check your certificate or cover note for more information.

Furthermore, get all the documents required to retrieve your vehicle. Ensure you produce evidence of your MOT certificate, valid insurance cover, a V5C logbook, and a driving licence to the pound staff. Collect a form number. You should have paid all pending penalties and followed other legal requirements to claim your car back as the owner. After paying the release fee, you can collect your car once.

What happens if your car is repeatedly seized for no insurance?

Simply put, the penalties become more severe the more your car is seized for having no insurance. You will pay more fines, have more penalty points on your licence, and may lose your driving qualification.


Can I take out impound release insurance for less than 30 days?

No, as it is now a legal requirement by law that you have a minimum of 30 days insurance cover to release an impounded vehicle. As such, our partner will only provide Impound Release Insurance on a Third Party Only Cover basis for a minimum of 30 days.

Can I get a refund for the days I don’t need the impound insurance?

No, as you need to prove that your vehicle is insured for a minimum of 30 days to be able to release your vehicle and can not request a refund as you have effectively used the insurance for the purpose of releasing your impounded vehicle.

Can I still take out a temporary insurance policy with a pending conviction for no insurance?

Yes, but under the condition that your licence has not been suspended.

Can I take out an impounded vehicle policy if I am a provisional licence holder?

Yes. The GoShorty Impound Release insurance policy is available for all UK, EU, provisional and International licence holders.

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