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Guide to (EV) Electric Car Insurance

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Dec 2023

Electric car insurance is a type of cover designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). These policies take into account the unique features of electric cars, such as their technology, charging infrastructure, and potential repair costs.

Coverage typically includes protection for the electric vehicle's battery, charging equipment, and other specialised components. If you own an electric car, or you're planning to get one soon, the information in this article will be useful as you make preparations for your EV car insurance.

Car insurance with a CCJ order

Is EV car insurance different from other types of car insurance?

There are a number of similarities between EV car insurance and other types of car insurance. For example, they have similar cover levels, similar policy add-ons and also share the same process for making a claim.

However, as a result of certain technological differences like the presence of batteries and charging cables, electric car insurance tends to offer some protection that you may not get from a conventional car insurance policy.

What level of cover do I need for my electric car?

Fully comprehensive cover

This offers you the highest level of coverage. It includes all the protections in a third party, fire and theft cover, age and additional coverage for personal damages and repairs.

Third-party, fire, and theft cover

If you opt for this cover level, you'll be protected against injuries and damages to your vehicle that result from fire or theft. It also includes everything in the third party-only cover level.

Third-party only car insurance

This is the basic level of cover required by the law. With this cover, you'll be insured against injuries and damages you cause to other people's properties and vehicles.

What extras can I get for my electric car insurance policy?

Apart from standard vehicle insurance extras like breakdowns and personal accidents, the following additional cover options may be included in your electric car insurance:

Charging equipment cover

This is often included as standard in an electric vehicle car cover. It offers protection in case your charging equipment, like adapters, charging cables, and wall boxes, are damaged, lost, or stolen while in use or in your car.

Battery cover

Under this insurance, your electric car battery is covered against theft, fire, and accidental damages. When comparing policies, examine the 'battery cover' to determine if it includes owned, leased batteries, or both. If you're uncertain about policy details, consult with the provider for clarification.

European cover

If you intend to drive your car in some European countries, you may want to consider this cover. Verify with your insurance provider to confirm the covered countries and the extent of available coverage. Also check costs with a European breakdown cover specialist as they can often provide a better deal than with adding into your car insurance policy.

Motor legal protection

If you need to take legal action, or you're involved in a lawsuit due to claims against you, this extra will offer compensation for your legal expenses.

Courtesy car cover

In a situation where you can't use your electric vehicle because it is stuck in a garage for repair after an accident, this cover will ensure that you have a temporary car to use.

How much is electric car insurance?

Insurance costs for your electric car will vary with different insurers. This is because insurance providers put different weights on various factors like the price of your car, the insurance group of your electric car, the cover level you opt for, your annual mileage, your age, your location, your driving and claims history, and where your car is parked overnight.

Traditionally, electric car insurance costs more than insurance for diesel or petrol engine-vehicles because of the costs of their spare parts and the scarcity of electric car repair specialists. In 2021, the average annual cost of EV car insurance was £1,238, but that figure fell to £1,097 in 2022.

In 2023, the government of the United Kingdom announced its decision to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEV) by 2035. Following this announcement, the Office for Budget Responsibility predicted that EV uptake will account for 38% of all new car sales by 2027. This means that in a few years, electric vehicles may become commonplace, and the prices of their insurance may go down as well.

If you own more than one electric vehicle, you can save insurance costs by opting for multi-car insurance like the electric fleet insurance. You may also check to see if you qualify for government grants that help offset the cost of your electric vehicle.

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