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Guide to Nissan Leaf Insurance

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Dec 2023
Nissan Leaf Insurance

However, at Multi Quote Time, we are dedicated to offering you valuable insights into Tesla Model 3 insurance and Nissan Leaf insurance costs. Our goal is to aid you in finding the cheapest and best deal coverage for your electric car.

Nissan Leaf insurance is a type of insurance tailored for Nissan Leaf cars, which are 100% electric and have peculiar features different from other types of cars. Nissan Leaf insurance typically provides several coverages that include:

1. Physical Damage:

Physical Damage: This insurance covers damages to your Nissan Leaf from collisions, floods, animals, vandalism, and theft. In case of a fire outbreak, whether your Nissan Leaf car was on fire due to an electrical fault or other faults, this physical damage coverage will help with the repair costs.

2. Uninsured Motorist:

Uninsured Motorist: Not all drivers are good drivers —even electric vehicle drivers —and not all have car insurance. The Nissan Leaf insurance covers you when you get hit by a driver with no car insurance or a driver whose car insurance isn’t enough to cover you.

3. Liability:

Liability: Accidents are unforeseen circumstances. Nissan Leaf insurance covers your legal liability if you injure someone or damage their car or electric vehicle while driving your Nissan Leaf.

Aside from the comprehensive coverage that Nissan Leaf insurance offers you, other premiums are included for your Nissan Leaf. Some of these premiums are:

1. Roadside assistance::

Roadside assistance: Most electric cars are battery-powered, including the Nissan Leaf. And not all electric cars can go long distances, especially when the nearest charging point is some kilometres away. The Nissan Leaf insurance covers the cost of towing, jump-starting, and other roadside services, including getting a national roadside electric vehicle, while your Nissan Leaf is up for repair.

2. Replacement car:

Replacement car: The Nissan Leaf insurance is a car insurance you shouldn’t miss if you have a Nissan Leaf. You'll also get additional performance upgrades. You can get another Nissan Leaf to drive while yours is being repaired.

Cost of Nissan Leaf Insurance

The Nissan Leaf insurance cost is expensive and different from the insurance costs of other cars. This is due to the high cost of repairing electric vehicles. Typically, Nissan Leaf cars are assigned an insurance group using the car model. The groups range from 1 - 50. These insurance groups will determine the Nissan Leaf insurance cost. If your Nissan Leaf falls into a higher insurance group, for example, 46, you should expect to pay more.

However, 19–26 are the insurance groups for most Nissan Leaf models, meaning that your insurance costs should be reasonable. You should compare multiple quotes from different insurance companies in the UK and Ireland before going for a car insurance policy. Comparing car insurance quotes will help you choose the insurance policy that fits your needs.

Factors that determine the cost of your Nissan Leaf Insurance

Aside from insurance groups and car models, insurers also use age and location to design quotes.

Driver Age

Age: Statistically, younger drivers are more likely to get involved in accidents, which means they will have higher insurance costs compared to older drivers. For example, in the UK, an average 30-year-old driver will pay £822 for a Nissan Leaf Visia 40kWh that falls into insurance group 21, while a 40-year-old driver will pay £720 for that same model. That’s £102 less than what a 30-year-old will pay.


Location: Drivers' location is vital to insurance companies. Insurers consider factors like crime rates and possible claims in your area. If you live in urban areas that are densely populated, you should expect to pay more when getting car insurance for your Nissan Leaf.

In which insurance group is my Nissan Leaf categorized?

Insurance groups scale from 1 to 50 – the lower the number, the lower your yearly insurance expenses. Below are the insurance group ratings for different trim levels of the Tesla Model 3.

Trim Level Insurance Group
Standard Range Rear-Wheel-Drive
Long Range Auto 4d
Performance All-Wheel-Drive Auto

Get affordable Nissan Leaf insurance

Get affordable Nissan Leaf insurance from 110+ UK providers. Our online platform ensures the best deals. Check our guide for key facts before comparing prices.

The Tesla Model 3, with a starting price of £42,000, boasts an impressive range of 272 to 358 miles on a single charge. It falls within the insurance groups 48 to 50, reflecting its specifications and features for insurance categorization.

  • Compare Specialist insurance providers of Nissan Leaf
  • Extra cover available for Nissan Leaf charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors, protection for accidental damage, fire and theft
  • Cover your Nissan Leaf  Battery for accidental damage, fire and theft

Tesla electric vehicle are prestige and thus is reflected in their price. Protect your investment by securing the right insurance for your Nissan Leaf. Compare quotes from specialist EV insurance providers to ensure worry-free driving.

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**51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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