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How much is car insurance for a new Driver?

New drivers car insurance in the UK is more expensive than what an experienced driver would pay due to the risks involved. Fortunately, there are things the inexperienced driver can do to reduce the cost of their vehicle insurance.

If you are a young driver under 21 or even under 25 you will find it difficult to get cheap young driver insurance. The reason is that young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in road accidents. In addition, the resulting claims are much higher than experience older drivers. This results in premiums that reflect the risk, with much higher monthly premiums,

new drivers car insurance

The younger that you are, the higher the premium. For example, a 17 year with a provisional licence will pay more than a driver aged 18, 19 or 20. Long term, look to build up a good history of no claims to bring down the cost of young driver car insurance. Whilst young female driver are a lower risk than young male drivers, at the moment they also will face a higher premium. Which is unfair and let's hope will change in the near future.  

Who is classified as a new driver?

The insurance industry classifies all drivers under the age of 25 as new drivers. If you have never operated a vehicle before and just got your first driving licence independent of your age, you too are a new driver for at least the first 3 years.

What types of car insurance can a new driver get?

The policies for a new driver car insurance are the same as an experienced driver, except they cost more. The 3 levels of car insurance are as follows;

  • Third party
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Third party only covers the other person’s vehicle in terms of repairs and medical care when you are at fault in an accident. This is the minimum level of coverage required to be legal on the road in the UK. For many new drivers, this is not the lowest cost. Some young drivers take out a comprehensive policy and pay less on a premium than what the premium costs for a third party only policy. It is advisable to compare both price and different levels of coverage.

4 Ways to reduce new drivers' car insurance 

Insurance companies know the cost of their premiums is one factor in how drivers decide to choose them over their competition. To help keep them competitive, they have devised certain factors that a young driver can do to reduce the cost of their insurance. The 4 most common are list below.

1. The installation of a telemetric device or black box on the vehicle the new driver will operate is one way to help reduce the cost of the insurance premium. The data this device will collect and transmits back to the insurance company will show how the new driver operates the vehicle on the road. The data collected will include the following:

  • The locations the vehicle is operated in.
  • The speed the vehicle travels.
  • The acceleration the vehicle does. Accelerating fast all the time increases risks.
  • The braking the vehicle does. Sudden braking could be caused by a close call on the road and could increase the risk of insuring the driver.
  • The speed corners are taken.
  • The time of day the vehicle is being operated.

2. Another path to reducing the cost of the premium for a new driver is to increase the excess paid when a claim is made. Excess is the amount the policyholder pays out of pocket towards the total cost of the bills in the claim being made.

3. By adding an experienced driver to the new driver insurance policy, the premium will be reduced. This experienced driver will have to operate the vehicle, even if it is as other than the primary driver.

4. By limiting the number of miles travelled also called pay as you go car insurance, the risk of insuring the new driver is reduced. This is due to an increased risk the more the new driver is on the road.

Obtaining a new driver's car insurance policy is required by UK law to legally operate a vehicle on the road for people just starting to drive. The insurance premium will go down in costs the safer the new driver operates the vehicle while avoiding accidents. When entering your information to the insurance company, it is essential to always be truthful. If a false statement is made, like drastically underestimating the miles that will be travelled, a claim can be rejected.

Car insurance for young drivers under £1,000

To find car insurance for a first time driver under £1000 will involve doing lots of research on how to reduce your risk in the eyes of the insurance provider. As mentioned, the black box will help with this. However, there exists a reluctance amongst young drivers to go the black box route. To find the best deal will also involve getting multiple quotes from UK brokers and compare any deals that are currently on offer in the UK insurance marketplace, We can help by providing a range of quotes from a select panel of UK brokers.

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