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Car insurance Without Black Box for Young Drivers 

Young driver car insurance with no black box is expensive, is in general more expensive than insurance with a black box installed. The reason so many young people have a black box in their vehicle is to prove they are safe drivers. The black box is not required by UK law. It is just one path many take to lower their vehicle insurance premiums.

But for many young and new drivers, a no black box insurance policy is preferred for reasons that include privacy to the fact that any driving mistake may boost the cost of their premiums.

Multi Quote Time works can provide you access to a panel of over 100 insurance brokers. The online results can be filtered to show only insurance quotes without black boxes. This enables to quickly and easily compare policies and prices for policies that meet with your requirements

What is black box car insurance?

A black box is a telemetric device that can be installed in a vehicle. This device records how the vehicle is driven. This includes the variables of speed, time and location. It also records the rates of acceleration and braking. This data is sent to a receiver or can be downloaded and reviewed by an insurance firm. Insurance for young drivers without a black box is available, but expect to pay a higher premium. Whilst termed "black box" it need not be an actual black box. 

For this type of insurance, one of the following devices can be employed

  • Installed Black Box : This is an actual black box that is installed inside the car. The device is similar in size to a mobile phone and will be installed by a professional engineer out of site, normally behind the dashboard. If you choose this option the box will be installed free of charge. 
  • Self installed Black Box: The principle is the same, the device will record your driving and store or upload your driving history to the cloud. With this type of device, it is easily installed by plugging into the USB port. These are plug and play devices that should be provided by the insurance broker 
  • Black Box as a Phone App: These apps make use of the phone's built in accelerometer and GPS to detect speed and distance travelled. Similar to a smartwatch.

Black Box Car Insurance Pros and Cons

This will depend on a number of factors.  Ask yourself how much risk would I pose to the insurance broker. If you are a bad driver that takes the occasional risk, a black box policy is probably not a good idea. On the other hand, if you drive slowly, and carefully you would likely benefit in having a black box device installed as the data should all be positive.  If the data collected shows that you drive mostly at night or for long periods, this again will be an indicator of higher risk to the broker. If you are young and like performance cars, but still drive within limits it should then help lower your high performance sports car insurance premiums.

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Black box car insurance rules

Driving with a black box can lower your car insurance, but you must follow the handy guidelines list below to make the most savings.

  • Don't Speed: Stay within the road designated speed limits at all times
  • Light foot : Don't slam on the accelerator or the brakes this data will show you as a risky and increase your premiums. Careful drivers are always thinking one step ahead and would only occasional have to resort to emergency breaking.
  • Don't attempt to hack the Box.
  • Reduce Time on the road. Are you able to reduce your car usage, one trip to the stores weekly rather than 2? Driving less means lower risk, which should equate to a reduction in what you pay for insurance. 
  • Daylight Driving : If possible, drive only during daylight hours or minimise nighttime driving.

Have you points on your licence or convictions?

Installing a black box can help reduce the high premiums associated with car insurance for a convicted driver or if you have  with excessive points on your driving licence. 

How you can save on young driver insurance with no black box.

The use of a black box to reduce the cost of vehicle insurance is just one path a young person or a new driver can take. Other options to consider include:

  • Keep your mileage low. For an insurance provider, low mileage means less time on the road, meaning less risk of an accident and a claim. This can be frustrating if you like the open roads and weekend trips to the coast, it’s your choice dependent on your cost’s restrictions.
  • Secure your vehicle. Make sure you have an alarm or immobiliser fitted. Additionally, if able, keep your car securely parked overnight in your driveway, for example. 
  • Avoid Monthly Payments: Paying car insurance monthly can add extra interest charges, making it more expensive than paying in one lump sum.
  • Increase voluntary excess.  If you are a confident and careful driver, then ideally you will be avoiding any collisions and claims on the insurance, so you won’t be paying this higher excess anyway.
  • Car Insurance Group : By choosing a vehicle that is classified from a lower insurance category, example choosing a car in group 7 or lower
  • Comparing Prices: Comparing prices by getting multiple quotes helps you find cheaper car insurance policies. When you compare prices, you increase the likelihood of discovering more affordable options. You can make a quick car insurance comparison using our car insurance calculator. If you have the time check out what is on offer from car insurance companies not on comparison sites, for example Haven insurance plus others
  • Claims Bonus: Also known as a no-claims discount, is the discount drivers who maintain a no claims history earned. The longer you drive without making a claim, the higher your claim's bonus becomes. Thus, insurance companies reward customers with cheap quotes on their premiums.
  • Driving History: Insurance companies offer cheaper rates to those who drive safely. Compared to young drivers, over-60s often have a clean driving record and positive personal details in their driving history. However, if you have any motoring convictions or have a bad credit score in the past, insurers are likely to increase your premium.
  • Black Box : Adding a black box that will record how you drive can be help bring down the cost of car insurance, especially for younger drivers that are careful drivers or occasional drivers. Options for no black box insurance is limited for younger drivers, but is still available,

Who Provides no black box car insurance?

Driver Profiles that may benefit from a no black box insurance policy?

  • Night Drivers: If you drive mostly in the late evening or when it is dark, for example a night shift worker, a black box policy will work against you, as more accidents occur during dusk and the hours of darkness.
  • Reckless Drivers: If you are an inexperienced driver or just plain reckless, this will be recorded and count against you, resulting in a higher insurance premium. 
  • New or Nervous Drivers : These signs will be picked by the black box, example sudden braking or jerky steering and other signals that collectively will profile you as a high risk driver and push up the cost of your insurance

Other ways to get cheap insurance with no black box:

For some driver categories the black box may not be the best way to get the cheapest insurance, if you fall into one of these categories you should consider insurance without a black box.

By not modifying the vehicle is another way to keeping insurance costs down. This includes engine upgrades along with aerodynamic devices like wings and skirts that could boost the performance of the vehicle and should be avoided. Fancy paint jobs and stickers are also considered a modification and increase the risk of the vehicle being stolen. Because of that, exterior visual modifications should also be avoided.

Use a quote comparison tool. The Multi Quote Time in partnership with Quote Zone can provide a comparison quotes from up to 100 UK and NI car insurance providers 

Additional driving qualifications: If you are young or have held you licence for a few years only, you will be seen as a higher insurance risk, due to lack of experience or being young. To counter this, consider taking advance driving training to extend your driving abilities and experience. Steps to improving your driving skills should be rewarded with a cheaper insurance without a black box installed.  

Following the above advice should help you find a cheaper quote for young no black box insurance. With a good driving history over time you will be able to build up your no claims and this will  help in reducing the cost of insurance for young drivers under 21 or under 25 without installing a black box.

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black box car insurance

**51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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