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How The Over 60s Can Save On Their Car insurance

Age plays a vital role when it comes to car insurance. Younger drivers, especially those in their teens, pay more insurance premiums as insurers consider them inexperienced drivers with a higher risk of accident. On average, a young drivers can expect to pay nearly 3 times mores more than older drivers over 80s car insurance or over 60s. As the younger drivers age and reach 60, they get cheaper car insurance. This is due to their wealth of driving experience, which makes them more cautious on the road. With increased caution, accident risks decrease, leading to lower insurance premiums. However, for older driver over 70s and 80s, their insurance premium tends to increase as they may face increased risk factors such as slower response times, bad vision and other health issues due to old age.

When you are looking for car insurance cover as you get older, remember that there is no maximum legal driving age in the UK. Unfortunately, some providers do impose an upper age limit, but t we will focus on those that do not penalise older drivers and how you can make savings on 60s car insurance. 

Whilst experience and a good history of driving will always count in your favour as a driver over 60, sometimes it can still seem difficult to find a good deal on your car insurance. We can help you by explaining how insurance costs are arrived at and also providing you access to a panel of insurance specialist that deal with insurance for seniors.

What makes car insurance cheaper for over 60s?

Remember, the lower premiums for senior drivers are not solely attributed to age; insurance providers take into account various factors when determining insurance premiums. Some of these include:

Driving Experience:  A long history of safe driving can positively affect your car insurance costs.  An over-60s driver has more than decades, years of experience. Their versed experience results in a lower risk of accidents and cleaner driving records.

Occupation: Do you know why retirees pay lower car premiums? It’s because they are not active employees. Retired drivers who are over 60 have reduced daily commuting. So, they are less likely to engage in rush-hour driving due to workplace-related stress. This contributes to their safe driving practice, thus, lowering their car insurance premiums. If not retired, then your profession will play a role car insurance for police officers should be less expensive than a mobile hairdresser or travelling sales rep. 

Lower your Mileage: Insurance providers often use annual mileage as a factor in determining premiums. If your estimated mileage is lower —indicating reduced usage of your vehicle— insurance companies may give cheaper premiums. For this, you can get a lower overall insurance cost.

Understanding the Types of Over 60s Car Insurance Options

Like any other car insurance policies, over 60s car insurance policies include:

Fully Comprehensive Cover: Fully comprehensive over-60s insurance policies offer the highest level of coverage. This includes protection not only for damage to third-party vehicles, but also for your car, regardless of who is at fault. It covers a wide range of incidents, including accidents, breakdowns, theft, fire, damage from natural events and legal cover for legal protection claims, sometimes.

Third-party cover only: Third-party coverage only fulfils the legal requirement for a car driver in the UK. if you have a Third Party Only car insurance policy and you are involved in an accident, your insurance will cover the costs for the other parties involved, such as repair costs for their vehicles or medical expenses.

Third-party fire and theft cover: TPFT includes protection for your vehicle in case of fire or theft. It doesn't offer as extensive coverage as comprehensive insurance. Coverages such as personal accident cover, courtesy car cover, and breakdown cover are left out in TPFT.

How To Keep Over 60s Car Insurance Affordable

Whilst your risk profile may result in increased premiums you can take other steps to lower the final premium cost, we list some steps that you may be able to take to keep your insurance within your living expenses budget.

  • Keep your mileage low. For an insurance provider, low mileage means less time on the road, meaning less risk of an accident and a claim. This can be frustrating if you wish to flex your muscles and drive off to the coast for the weekend, it’s your choice dependent on your cost’s restrictions.
  • Secure your vehicle. Make sure you have an alarm or immobiliser fitted. Additionally, if able, keep your car securely parked overnight on your driveway for example. 
  • Avoid Monthly Payments: Paying car insurance monthly can add extra interest charges, making it more expensive than paying in one lump sum.
  • Increase voluntary excess.  If you are a confident and careful driver, then ideally you will be avoiding any collisions and claims on the insurance, so you won’t be paying this higher excess anyway.
  • Car Insurance Group : Are you driving a car in one of the high insurance groups, changing to a car that sits in a lower insurance group will cost less to insure.
  • Comparing Prices: Comparing prices by getting multiple quotes helps you find cheap car insurance policies. When you compare prices and quotes, you increase the likelihood of discovering more affordable options. You can make a quick car insurance comparison using our car insurance calculator. If you have the time check out what is on offer from car insurance companies not on comparison sites, for example Haven insurance plus others
  • Claims Bonus: Also known as a no-claims discount, is the discount drivers who maintain a positive claims history earned. The longer you drive without making a claim, the higher your claims bonus becomes. Thus, insurance companies reward customers with cheap quotes on their premiums.
  • Driving History: Insurance companies offer cheaper rates to those who drive safely. Compared to young drivers, over-60s often have a clean driving record and positive personal details in their driving history. However, if you have any motoring convictions or have a bad credit score in the past, insurers are likely to increase your premium.
  • Black Box : Adding a black box that will record how you drive can be help bring down the cost of car insurance, especially for younger drivers that are careful drivers or occasional drivers. Options for no black box insurance is limited for younger drivers, but is still available,

Did you know?  Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to prevent overspending on car insurance.

Does Car Insurance Go Down When You Retire?

Retirement can affect your premiums if you change the primary use of your car from ‘commute’ to ‘social’ or ‘pleasure’. Naturally, when you change this your mileage annually should drop too, and sometimes you can qualify for low mileage discounts that some insurance providers offer. Some insurance companies may offer a senior discount too, which can be up to 10% off your premiums.

Other Car Insurance Options

Another option if you are over 60 and use your car less is to consider temporary insurance or pay as you use model, most providers of temporary car insurance cap the upper age limit to 70 or 75, but this could change in the future as they realise they are losing out on the over 80s marketplace. We have listed the key providers of temporary insurance and advise checking their existing terms for changes to upper age limits. If you live in Northern Ireland, temporary car insurance NI is available with Goshorty,

What is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Senior Citizens?

According to a recent Which survey, two companies were mentioned as the best for focusing on the older driver. Here they are:

  • Saga. Minimum age is 50, so if you are over 60 you will be eligible for, it also stands out as it will offer in your yearly premium a full year’s worth of cover overseas. So if you still like a weekend away in the car, perhaps in France via the Dover to Calais car ferry, this one could be right up your street.
  • The Post Office. Minimum age is 50, it offers as standard coverage for any windscreen or window damage and lost keys cover. Which even if you still have a strong memory, it’s still a handy cover to have in as standard.

Saga Car over 60s Insurance Highlights

Saga is worthy of a special mention as they are one of the few providers of over 80s car insurance that specialises in providing car cover for the more experienced drivers. Some features of over 80s car insurance cover with Saga include:

  • 3 year fixed car insurance policy rate plan if nothing changes as defined in terms and conditions 
  • If you take out the optional legal protection, Saga offer 4 hours of driver confidence coaching
  • EU cover for up to 90 days in any policy year
  • £1 million medical cover with Accident Healthcare

Get Over 60's Car Insurance Quotes

As our company name suggests, we can provide multiple quotes. These quotes are provided by a panel of car insurance providers selected by SEPOA. The panel is able and willing to provide seniors with car insurance, regardless of age. Simply click the Get Quotes option below and fill in a quick form to get access to multiple quotes. Then all you have to do is pick the best one!

Over 60s Car Insurance: FAQs

Does car insurance increase at 60?

The main increase on average is at age 70, but it will also gradually increase as you get older.  The good news is that it will never reach the levels that young drivers need to pay for car insurance

What is the cheapest car insurance When over 60?

Insurance providers will base their insurance premiums on the risk profile of the driver and car insurance category. The best advice for seniors to get a cheap insurance quote is to shop around and take proactive steps to lower your insurance risk profile, see section above entitled How to keep over 80's Car Insurance Affordable

Why is insurance more expensive for the old and the young?

As we age, human response time in general will slow, making car accidents more likely. This is proven statistically, with drivers of advanced age and young drivers causing a disproportionate number of avoidable accidents. As a result, these age categories will typically be offered more expensive insurance.

Will pre-existing medical conditions affect the cost of my car insurance?

Yes these can and do impact the cost of insurance for seniors, some examples include visual impairments, a history of strokes, or cognitive impairments, Please take note that you must declare pre-existing conditions, failure to disclose them could result in policy nullification during a claim.

Other Ways to lower costs of car insurance when over 60

We have covered the key areas of how improving security and driving a car in a low insurance group can all help reduce the cost of car insurance, but other ideas include a limited miles policy or pay as you use policy. Temporary car insurance and car sharing are also both growing in popularity and may be something to consider.

What optional covers are available for over 60s car insurance?

If retired or thinking of retiring, you may want to take into account these options;

  • Uninsured Motorist Protection (some providers include this in standard package)
  • Legal protection
  • Coverage for lost keys
  • Roadside Assist, taking out breakdown cover for older cars can be a wise decision.

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**51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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