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  • No curfews or mileage restrictions
  • Young driver insurance without restrictions
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual payments
  • Car insurance without telematics
  • Car insurance no black box insurance

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Young driver insurance with no black box is expensive, but legally possible. The reason so many young people have a black box in their vehicle is to prove they are safe drivers. The black box is not required by UK law. It is just one path many take to lower their vehicle insurance premiums.

What is a black box?

no black box car insurance

A black box is a telemetric device that can be installed in a vehicle. This device records how the vehicle is driven. This includes the variables of speed, time and location the vehicle travels. It also records the rates of acceleration and braking. This data is sent to a receiver or can be downloaded and reviewed by an insurance firm. Insurance for young drivers without a black box is available, but expect to pay a higher premium.

How you can save on young driver insurance with no black box.

The use of a black box to reduce the cost of vehicle insurance is just one path a young person or new driver can take. Other positive paths that can be taken include the following;

  • By operating a vehicle that is classified as economical, the risk factors of driving it are significantly reduced. These are listed in the single digit in risk factors by insurance firms due to small displacement engines and lack of performance devices. As a note, all vehicles are listed by insurance companies from 1 to 50 with 1 being the lowest risk.
  • Adding an older named driver to the policy is another path to reducing the cost of vehicle insurance for younger drivers. This named older driver should be over the age of 25, have a clean driving record and who will actually operate the vehicle on a part-time basis.
  • Each claim made with an insurance company for damages to a vehicle includes an excess. This excess is the amount the policyholder will pay towards the repairs included in the claim. By increasing the excess above the minimum amount, the insurance company will reduce the risk associated with the young driver and lower the cost of the premium.
  • Proper security for your vehicle is a path to reducing the insurance premium costs. This can be accomplished in two manners. First, the vehicle should be kept in a lock shed or garage. Vehicles parked on the street are considered high risk. Secondly, a security system can be installed to help prevent theft of the vehicle.

Are there things young drivers can do keep insurance costs low?

A simple way to keep insurance costs low is to avoid interest on the insurance premium. This is possible by paying the premium annually instead of monthly.

By not modifying the vehicle is another path to keeping insurance costs down. This includes engine upgrades along with aerodynamic devices like wings and skirts that could boost the performance of the vehicle should be avoided. Fancy paint jobs and stickers are also considered a modification and increase the risk of the vehicle being stolen. Because of that, exterior visual modifications should also be avoided.

It is possible to have lower than the average cost for young driver insurance with no black box installed by reducing the risk involved with operating a vehicle. Overtime when no claims are made involving the young driver’s vehicle, they will also get a No Claims Discount which will further reduce the cost of the insurance premium.

We hope the above tips will help you find a cheaper quote for young driver insurance no black box. With a good driving history over time you will be able to build up your no claims and this will  help in reducing the cost of insurance for young drivers under 21 or under 25.

Insurance without black  box for young drivers

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