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About Carrot Car Insurance

Carrot Car insurance is a low cost broker that first started issuing policies in 2012. They were founded on the principle of using telemetric devices to help reduce the number of accidents involving young drivers. They also believe that by using data collected from drivers is the best way to prove who is a good and safe driver and reward them with low-cost premiums and rewards.

Carrot insurance is very much a technology driven aimed at the new or young driver that are searching for reward or discounts as reward for good safe driving. The idea is that the driver will build up a driving score over time by having their driving history recorded via a black box. This history will be available to both you and Carrot insurance. If the data shows you to be a safe driver, you will be rewarded with earnings or payback.

The rewards for being a safe driver will be paid into your prepaid Carrot card and can be used in most stores, as well as online.  Some stores like Argos, and Debenham will also offer cashback incentives for Carrot card purchases. 

What type of Carrot Car insurance is offered?

The target audience for Carrot Car insurance is from 17 years old to 25. These young drivers have less experience in driving on the roads than older drivers, and it is believed with telemetric devices, they can be shown how to drive better. Car insurance for new drivers is in general more expensive than for drivers with a good driving history.

The two options available for these young drivers include;

Carrot insurance new driver

New Driver policy is made for the young driver with no or less than 2 years of driving experience. This policy requires that a black box be installed in the vehicle they will be driving. The data collected includes;

  • Time of day the vehicle is being driven
  • Speed the vehicle is moving
  • Distance travelled
  • If swerving occurred
  • acceleration
  • Braking

With each trip, there is a score recorded from 1 to 10 with 10 being a perfect score. With all scores above 5, there are rewards issued. Rewards can be claimed every week and will be sent to the policyholder within 14 days.

The policy will typically include;

  • Accidental cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • EU cover for up to 14 days
  • Personal effects cover
  • Access to a courtesy car if your vehicle is stolen.
  • Legal expense cover up to £100,000 is a no cost add-on
  • Breakdown assistance is an add-on that raises the premium price.

Carrot Insurance Optional Extras

Carrot insurance, like other providers offer additional extras at a price that can be added to the base policy, these currently include: 

  • Legal Assistance : Should any claim go to court
  • Breakdown cover : As always we advise shopping around for breakdown cover as it is often cheaper to buy direct from a breakdown specialist

Carrot Better Driver insurance policy

Better Driver policy includes the same cover as New Driver with 3 exceptions, it uses an app on a phone to record the data instead of a black box. The vehicle must have factory installed Bluetooth.

There is also a difference in the rewards for Better Driver policyholders that is more than with New Driver policyholders.

To take out a better driver policy, the young driver must have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience.

What does the installation of the black box cost?

At this time, the black box is being installed free of charge by Carrot insurance. The installation of a black box is now becoming more widely acceptable, but a small demand still exists for car insurance without a black box

What are the rewards that are earned with Carrot Car insurance?

The weekly rewards include high street vouchers along with cash that can be sent to your bank account. The maximum amount can reach up to 15% of your annual premium cost. Once earned, the rewards are yours to keep. They can be spent or banked to be withdrawn at a later date.

The aim of Carrot insurance is to use technology to adjust the car insurance cost, unsafe drivers will pay more or their polices may not be renewed. Safe drivers are rewarded.. While they are not the only insurance firm that offers telemetric devices, they are the lowest cost in terms of premiums for new and young drivers. 

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