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Who is CIA landlords Insurance

CIA Insurance services was established in the mid-1990s and offers a diverse range of services that includes household and travel insurance, as well as landlord insurance. With over two decades of experience. Over the years, the name CIA has become strongly associated with providing landlord insurance and is one of the lead providers of landlord insurance in the United Kingdom

We will aim to highlight the features of the CIA landlord insurance policy and let you decide does the type of cover that they provide meet with your requirements as a landlord.

Types of CIA landlord Insurance Available

Like all insurance providers, CIA insurance services paint themselves in good light, with the about page bestowing their virtues. They claim to take pride in providing their customers with unparalleled customer service through the expertise and qualified staff. They claim to offer polices tailored to the individual landlord and at prices that are highly competitive. The key products on offer for landlords include:

  • Landlords Building Insurance
  • Landlords Contents Insurance
  • Landlords Flat Insurance
  • Buy to Let Insurance

What Does CIA landlord Insurance Cover

The policies offered by CIA insurance services are flexible, letting the landlord choose which elements to include or leave out. You have the option to select from a range of coverage levels, which include:

  • Buildings Only
  • Contents Only
  • Contents Only ( Excluding those of the tenants or tenants) 
  • Fixture and Fittings
  • Loss of rental and alternative accommodation : This only activates if the property becomes damaged and inhabitable due to an insured peril, and you are unable to rent it out. A time period will apply,
  • Malicious damage caused by tenants up to a maximum of £5,000
  • Theft by your tenants up to a maximum of £5,000

How Much Does CIA landlord Insurance Cost

Since what is included in a landlord insurance policy will differ, so will the costs. For this reason, make sure you are always comparing like for like when looking at different providers, this should help you find the best deal based on your requirements. In general, the cost of landlord insurance will be guided by the following factors:

  • Location or post code, if the property has a postcode that is linked to a higher crime rate, expect to pay more than a similar property in a more safe area.
  • Unoccupied or Lived in : If the property is left unoccupied, you will need to consider short term unoccupied house insurance, which will be more expensive as risk to the insurer will be increased.
  • Level of Cover : Like any insurance the more cover and the lower the excess the higher the policy premium
  • Claims Frequency : If you make regular claims, this will be flagged as an additional risk factor and again expect o pay more than a landlord with no or fewer claims.
  • Type of tenancy : If you will be letting out to multiple occupants, you will need specialist HMO landlord insurance, which will be more expensive than simple Landlord insurance with single occupancy.

Compare Landlord Insurance and Buy To Let Insurance providers

CIA compete for Landlord insurance with other providers including Tesco Bank Landlord insurance, so best to get a range of quotes and compare all available options, before committing. Some providers on your list should include Post office home insurance, Simply Business, Aro and CIA Landlord insurance

Niche Providers of Landlord Insurance Include:

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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