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Who needs Buildings Insurance for Flats?

Who needs building insurance for flats has a simple answer, the owner of the property. The real question is who can take out a building insurance policy for a commercial building that contains flats? This can be the owner of the property, a person or organisation that leases the property or a representative of a property management organization assigned the task of managing the property for the owner or leaser.

Buildings Insurance for Flats

The use of Buildings Insurance for Flats is for an owner of multiple dwelling units on one property. The two main classifications with this type of building are purpose built and conversions. Both of them are commercial properties and are considered higher risk than it would be to insure a single family dwelling.

When taking out buildings insurance for flats  make sure you state how tall the building is. With most insurance companies, there is one policy for a building that is 10 stories or less. There is another policy for properties that have 11 or more stories.

What is the difference between leasehold and freehold for flats ?

The landlord can own the freehold of a property and rent out individual flats. In other cases the landlord can buy a single or multiple properties within the block of flats, but does not own the building. If you simply purchase a unit in a building then you are a leaseholder and the building is owned by another party that owns the freehold.

Do I need landlord insurance for a flat?

Renting out a flat is much the same as renting out a house and you will most likely need landlord insurance and not home insurance to provide you with cover. If there is a freeholder they may organise the buildings insurance, but please check with them and notify them if you do rent out your flat. If you have to take responsibility for the buildings insurance make sure that it also covers your intended rental activity.

Is the building sum insured the same as the value of the property?

The building sum is not directly related to the value of the property. The same house in two different postcards can easily have different values as it is dependant on the neighbourhood. The buildings cover is the amount required to rebuild the property and is normally a fraction of the actual property value.

What is buildings insurance for flats?

Building insurance for a property that contains flats is classified as a commercial type of investment property. These flats can be purpose built or conversion flats from a divide family dwelling or commercial building.

The policy is made to financially protect the property of a ‘just in case’ situation if it becomes a reality. These situations include damage from the following; Fire, Flood,Theft....

Also included in a standard commercial policy for building with flats is public liability cover. This cover can be as much as £10 million for protection if a third party makes a claim against the owner or the property for damages they claim are the responsibility of the property owner.

What is included in a policy for buildings insurance for flats?

A commercial building set up in a configuration for individual flats is classified as a multi dwelling unit. Because of that type of configuration, there are individual units that are connected by common areas. The common areas can include carpeted hallways and corridors, staircases, entrance points, gardens, parking areas and outbuildings. All of these areas are covered in a standard commercial building insurance for flats policy.

When taking out a policy the height of the building has to be clearly stated. Insurance firms have two classifications of commercial building insurance for flats that include those that are 10 stories or less and those that are 11 stories or higher.

Are there add-ons that can be included with building insurance for flats?

Yes, there are additional items that can be included in this type of commercial policy. The most common is the inclusion of equipment and systems that keep the building habitable. This includes the heating and cooling, water distribution, electrical and security systems. In the policy, it can be stated that these systems are covered for repairs, maintenance, inspections and if needed, replacement if there is a problem.

  • Employers liability cover is required for buildings that are maintained or operated by a person or group of people hired by the owner to maintain and operate the buildings.
  • Legal cover is protection just in case there is a problem involving a disagreement with a third party or a claim is made against the property or owner. This protection covers the cost of lawyers, solicitors, court costs, filing fees, settlements and arbitration hearings.
  • Key cover handles the cost of replacing locks and keys on common area doors and access points like gates.
  • Earthquake cover is not included in any standard policy for the protection of a building. Damage from this type of event requires a special amendment to a commercial building insurance policy.
  • Legal expenses can be covered to handle the cost of debt recovery, contract disputes and other.
  • Terrorism clause can be added to protect the property and cover the cost of damage by an individual or group that causes it. Both extremism and political groups are included in this coverage.
  • Engineering inspections and maintenance of the systems can be covered to help keep the building’s equipment up and operating.

Buildings insurance for flats is the specific cover to protect the investment made when a commercial space is rented or leased where multiple people and families will live. The insurance will pay for the cost of repairs, maintenance and replacement of part or all of the building structure and its equipment.

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