Landlord Home Emergency Cover Comparison + Boiler Cover - 2022

Landlord Home Emergency Cover Comparison 2022

Get Cover for Boiler Breakown, Electrical, Gas, Heating, Hot Water, Pipes, Leaks, Drains and More.

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Home Emergency Cover for Landlords Comparison

Being a landlord comes with lots of unique responsibilities, not only to your property, but mostly to your tenants. If the boiler breaks in your property or roof tiles are loose, you need to get them quickly fixed. Limiting the damage to your property and the impact on your tenant’s living conditions is essential.

You have to move quickly and rapidly to respond to all manner of potential issues. Having a reliable Landlord Home Emergency Cover ensures you’ll have 24/7 access to helplines where you get assistance at any time of the day or night from a host of contractors. Let’s take a look at why this insurance coverage should be on your priority list.

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What's covered at a glance

  • Boiler Breakdown
  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Water
  • Mains Services
  • Mains Services
  • Toilets
  • Security 
  • Vermin
  • Roof

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What is Landlord home emergency cover?

Landlord Home Emergency Cover is an insurance policy that provides emergency assistance and financial coverage for property damages for homeowners with tenants. You will receive emergency assistance as landlords to quickly fix issues with your property’s drainage, plumbing, power or heating system failures, damages to doors and windows, and security compromises. It can also cover the costs of moving your tenants into a new property while yours is fixed.

A great part about this coverage plan is if you need to make claims on your pre-existing home emergency insurance, there’s no excess to pay. You would normally have to pay an excess contribution to some of your insurance claims, but not with this policy. And you can even add home emergency insurance to your current landlord insurance policy.

Do tenants need home emergency cover?

Tenants do not need emergency insurance, the maintenance of the property is the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord may keep the property well maintained or if not risk a home emergency. They can also take out home emergency cover for landlords, but that is optional and not a legal requirement,

What Does Landlord Home Emergency Cover Against?

Now we’ve covered the basics, what specifically does landlord home emergency insurance cover? We have listed the most common things that your landlord home emergency cover insures you against.

Boiler Failure:
Total failure of your central heating involving a boiler or warm air unit causing unreasonable discomfort or risking frost damage to the home. This can be one of the most expensive issues.

Failure of your hot water or heating system.

Plumbing Issues: Burst pipes or sudden leakage likely to cause damage to your home or its contents.

Water Problems:
Failure or damage to underground drains or sewers.

Main Services:
Failure of your main services including electricity, water, and gas.

Break-in or vandalism reported to the Police which compromises the security of the home.

Failure of your main and only toilet, which has resulted in water leakage that could lead to damage or which renders the toilet inoperable.

Roof Problems:
Missing or repositioned roof tiles likely to cause damage to the home or its contents.

Vermin & Pests:
Pest Infestation. Removal of wasps nests, field and house mice or brown rats within the main building of your premises.

Security Issues: Securing the property where the external locking mechanisms, doors, or windows have failed or been damaged.

Landlord Home Emergency Cover Only or With Extras

Most providers of landlord emergency cover will offer the core product, along with additional options, for example emergency cover with boiler service. These options are explored further below. 

Level of CoverSummary Description12 Months With Oops  
Landlord Home Emergency Cover OnlyAs the name suggests, this is a standalone home emergency policy that covers landlord emergencies only. Oops offers emergency cover only starting at £89.00 per annum.£89.00
Landlord Home Emergency with Boiler ServiceThe home emergency element does provide cover if the central boiler breaks down causing total failure of the heating system. Including an annual boiler service will not only reduce the likelihood of total failure, but also prolong the life of the heating system. Emergency cover with boiler service is available from oops for £154.00. £154.00
Landlord Home Emergency with Boiler Service and CP12 / Gas safety certificateIt is a legal responsibility of the Landlord to carry out an annual gas safety check, previously referred to as a CP12 safety check. The complete package on offer by oops includes emergency cover, boiler service and annual Cp12 certificate bundled together at £178.00 per annum.£178.00

Claim Limit

Up to a maximum of £500 for any one claim including VAT, call-out charges, labour, parts, and materials. 3 claims are permitted per year.

Policy Limit

Up to a maximum of £1,500 during the period of insurance.

It’s important to remember that the coverage of these issues largely depends on your own individual policy agreement. When you initially discuss your coverage plan, you’ll need to talk through what is and what is not covered. With some policies, the cost of your tenants staying in a hotel for the duration of the fixes is covered. There are also separate policies such as landlord boiler cover that focus only on boiler mishaps and issues.

Do I need Landlord emergency insurance?

All the emergencies above can be very stressful and traumatic for your tenants, especially if their possessions were damaged. Being able to fix the problem quickly will be beneficial for everyone involved. And if you buy this type of coverage, you will eliminate the middle man. You make a call to your insurer, and they immediately send a contractor or trades person suited to your particular problem.

It will save you lots of time and trouble in the long run, trying to find reliable contractors and so forth. As a landlord, you should be covered for emergency repair costs, so you are not spending money from your own pocket. 

What is Not covered in your landlord emergency policy?

We’ve focused mainly on what you are covered against with your policy and why you need coverage. But what’s not covered in the policy? Here is a list of things you are not covered against.

  • Standard wear and tear on your property
  • Routine maintenance and servicing of your boiler
  • Faulty home DIY repairs
  • All repairs that are already covered in your building insurance
  • Further repairs once the initial issue is fixed
  • Any damages or issues with your home before you purchased coverage
  • Any property left unoccupied for 30 days consecutively
  • If a power failure causes a power cut

5 Tips for Choosing Landlord Insurance Cover

  • Always check what your policy covers.
  • Check if there are any company call-out charges.
  • Ensure your insurance provider uses high-quality trades persons or contractors.
  • Make sure they have a 24-hour customer support line.
  • Always check your claims limit. Some companies limit your number of claims.

Should I Purchase Landlord Home Emergency Cover?

If you are a landlord who currently has tenants, purchasing Landlord Home Emergency Cover is the right thing to do. It protects you and your tenant against unforeseen damages or emergencies regarding your property. If the boiler bursts and floods your property, all manner of costs are incurred. And paying for everything directly from your pocket is a dangerous path to take.

It’s not a legal requirement in the UK to have this type of policy, but it’s a great addition to your current landlord insurance policy. Don’t be left holding the bill without any support. Get covered today because things always happen when you least expect them. 

Steps on how to prevent home emergencies

Whilst you may have cover, it is always best to take precautions to lessen the chance of a home emergency. Keeping your property in ship shape order will also avoid being excluded under the wear and tear exceptions terms in any policy. Regular maintenance should include, but is not limited to :

FAQ Landlord Emergency Cover

Can I cancel my policy?

The policy may be cancelled with 14 days of receipt of the initial policy documentation or renewal documentation.

Is home emergency insurance for landlords available, with zero excess?

Some providers offer zero excess, the excess with Oops Insurance is £50 per call out. When making comparison it is important to look at any excess, any overall claim limit in the policy lifetime and the actual premium price.  Next you  need to weigh everything up and decide on the home emergency policy that best suits with your property portfolio. If you own multiple properties look for discounts when adding additional future properties. 

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