How to Stage an Empty House with no Furniture

A method imported from the United States, Home Staging aims to create an atmosphere conducive to the sale or rental of real estate and to transform the first visit into a decisive crush. The result: a reduced transaction time and a sale at the right price.  During this period, it is a wise to take out unoccupied house insurance. This need not be an annual policy with  unoccupied house insurance 3 months or even shorter periods available from most UK brokers.

How to highlight your property, especially if you decide you won’t be selling it with furniture? Used furniture is a great option for staging your home.

Renting furniture from a local business

Renting furniture is more practical for sellers on a budget than purchasing it for your empty house. Buyers don't need to visit many furniture stores searching for the right furniture, they just call the rental companies for furniture and if they like them, they could buy the rented samples. This service is provided by most furniture rental companies.

Renting updates your home instantly and helps you save money. Experts say that, on average, buyers take 3-6 minutes to view a home. Rental furnishings can make those minutes count.

Benefits of renting furniture for home staging

Most furniture rental companies deliver to homes to make your job easier. Another advantage of renting furniture is that you don't have to worry about additional storage after selling your home.

Borrowing furniture from your neighbours or family

If you can't rent furniture, borrow from your friends or neighbours. If you find that which you can use in your vacant home, you will save a considerable amount of money and use it for other big expenses. You can also borrow home accessories to stage your empty house during screenings. 

Borrowing furniture is the most economical way to get furniture for your home. Also, consider visiting yard sale stores and consignment stores that have quality second-hand furniture options.

Staging with no furniture

In this case, we recommend the use of striking paint colours. Combine these with accessories like lamps and plants. A few green plants and lamps can turn your home into a buyer's dream.

Additionally, we recommend that you hang up mirrors for more natural light. Arranging accessories on the kitchen countertop and toiletries in the bathroom also help make these spaces look more homely and attractive to prospective buyers


The longer buyers stay with you, the more you can convince them to find the things they like. They will focus on these characteristics and remember them long after they leave. 

An empty home does not encourage buyers to linger. Even if your home is the prettiest in the entire neighbourhood, it will look drab and boring without any form of staging. Buyers don't expect your home to be fully furnished, but they do expect to see how each room is used. The furniture helps them imagine how their furniture will appear in each space. If you, however, cannot rent furniture, a life hack would be to identify spaces and illustrate where the furniture will theoretically go by using area rugs.

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